Sustainable Procurement Program

09 Nov, 2021

Thrive and Drive Sustainable Procurement

Sourcing Champions’ sustainability program turns your environmental evidence-based data into actionable sustainability initiatives.

Did you know that a company’s procurement & supply chain activities account for an average of 70% of their environmental footprint?

This means that while companies measure and reduce their direct emissions (scope 1), most of their environmental impact remains unchanged due to their scope 2 and 3 indirect emissions.

After tenacious dialogues over financial aids, fossil fuels and future commitments, COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference , the global summit that continued for one extra day, has come to an end. Nations continue to pledge to cut emissions, with a new commitment to phase-down (later changed to ‘water-down’) coal-fired power generation.

To do so, nations have agreed to close 40% of coal-fired power plants by 2030, the same year when over 100 world leaders promise to end or reverse deforestation.

To see the impact of COP26, private actors, companies as well as NGO’s and governments need to take action together.

Our new sustainability program aims to turn the environmental data your company possesses into actionable initiatives. We go beyond your direct emissions and ensure a responsible procurement organization that leads to a sustainable future.

Drive your change on evidence-based data.

Our Sustainable Procurement Program