Cirtuo Certification

05 Jul, 2021

Cirtuo Certification 

Sourcing Champions is very proud to be the certified partner to Cirtuo as AI powered procurement professional strategy consultancy team.

Proud certified team in AI guided strategy creation.

I am grateful for this great opportunity! Cirtuo has certified Robert J. Waalder, Paulien Hunink and Guillermo Filitz from Sourcing Champions according to Cirtuo AIPPP program.

The introduction of Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation (TM) is now in the best hands! Digitalization of Category Management is becoming a top priority on the agenda of the procurement leaders.

In just a few weeks, your development, validation and implementation of category strategies will be established through professional support of top consultants – digitally enabled.

Sourcing Champions is a high-end strategy consultancy with a strong track record in digital transformation.
Cirtuo is a market leader in digitalization of Category Playbooks AI enabled.

Feel free to reach out to us and bring your procurement to the next level!

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