Cirtuo – SC category strategy boot program

10 Sep, 2021

Cirtuo- SC category strategy boot program

+++ How solid and digital is your category strategy creation process? +++

Leading organizations create category strategy by applying digital-AI tools powered by Sourcing Champions and Cirtuo

We at Sourcing Champions incorporate various advanced digital business intelligence tools by Cirtuo into all programs for clients. A compelling case is our Category Strategy Boost Program which fully embraces the best in class digital-AI platform to drive and enhance category management. We have developed a strong capability to apply our extensive category expertise and build a Cirtuo training & coaching framework to create tangible value for our clients.

The Category Strategy Boost Program supports your organization to create, review and improve your category strategies in a 12 week dedicated online program. Guided and challenged by our Sourcing Champions certified Cirtuo consultants. Together we identify challenges, engage stakeholders, align category strategies, create initiatives & subsequent savings, and validate the results.

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