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Cirtuo will make your procurement ready for the C-Level. Strategic procurement is all about business alignment.

Our Partnership

As Cirtuo‘s #1 global partner, Sourcing Champions is THE trusted leader in piloting, implementing and driving transformational category strategies using Cirtuo’s AI-enabled platform. The strength of Sourcing Champions lies in the deep procurement expertise of our people, our focus on digitalization and our mission to transform Global Sourcing & Procurement into a real competitive advantage for every company.

The powerful combination of Cirtuo and Sourcing Champions will enhance bring category management to the right strategic level and provide the C-suite with true visibility into their company’s historical and real-time category strategies. Companies will be able to track, measure and act on a range of category initiatives that result from an AI-powered strategy development and supplier management. Cirtuo and Sourcing Champions together strengthen procurement transparency to give rise to strategic initiatives for improved and measurable results.

For more information about the partnership please read the interview between Robert Waalder, founder and owner of Sourcing Champions and Drasko Jelavic, founder & CEO of Cirtuo:


About Cirtuo

Cirtuo is the first world-class procurement software that drives Category & Supplier Management with an AI-powered Guided strategy Creation™ concept. Cirtuo helps understand business requirements in order to align business and procurement strategies to reach and easily track company goals.

Achieve strategic procurement goals in only four steps through Cirtuo’s AI-Software planning tool: Analysis, Strategy, initiatives and Results.

By collecting and integrating company and supply market data, Cirtuo provides full transparency through a complete executive summary, clear tangible initiatives and a thorough saving plan of company procurement. The intelligent software allows employees to easily identify understand and share company requirements and challenges. Through a full rounded analysis of the company and market, valuable time and effort picking the right strategy can be saved, as the AI-software immediately recommends the best strategy based on company input. Cirtuo provides a full processed data analysis in an informative and concise way which brings quick visibility to employees and stakeholders.

Cirtuo outcomes: Collect a quick company overview on procurement data and spend analysis, to take accurate and precise actions and track savings. Cirtuo’s intelligent software collects, processes and integrates data to combine porcurement operations in one company procurement summery. The software allows you to plan, track and innovate on procurement initiatives to make your porcurement responsible.

“Turn strategic thinking into routine”

Program Sessions

Cirtuo Pilot

This training programme aims to guide the initial AI-software implementation through the help of our Cirtuo expert team. By training employees on how to properly utilize the software and engage stakeholders, we ensure that procurement initiatives result in strategic growth and improved profitability. During these workshops, employees get introduced to Cirtuo and get to understand how the AI-software fits to their company. During these pilot sessions, we only focus on 3 to 4 procurement categories of the company.

Cirtuo Implementation

By combining the necessary expertise and software we elevate the strategic level of companies. Next to the initial pilot, our coaching and mentoring sessions offer close support and expert advice on company progress. After employees gain the skills and tools to work with Cirtuo, we together elaborate on all other procurement categories to make the software database up to date and relevant.

Full strategy boost program

We provide assistance in setting the right strategies to steer companies to go in the right direction and reach company goals. Our boost programme consists of intense and integrated consulting sessions to enhance every part of each procurement category.

Strategy and cost reduction boost program

We help guide companies on how AI-software can make a difference for their company’s strategic outlook, whilst also helping them cut cost and unnecessary spending. We implement initiatives such as negotiations and RFP’s to ensure better savings and spending.