Innovative, intelligence-based Analytics Platform for Spend, Sustainability and Risk Management.

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Get full transparency to efficiently manage your spend, carbon footprint and risks.

Our Partnership

As Ignite’s global partner, Sourcing Champions is the trusted leader in piloting, implementing and driving transformational spend, sustainability and risk management programs using Ignite Procurement’s AI-driven platform. The strength of Sourcing Champions lies in its proven approach for procure-tech implementations, experience from large multinational enterprises and procurement expertise within spend, sustainability and risk. Our focus on digitalization and our mission to transform Global Sourcing & Procurement into a real competitive advantage for every organization are perfectly aligned with Ignite’s platform.

The powerful combination of Ignite and Sourcing Champions will bring spend, sustainability and risk management to the right strategic level and provide the C-suite with true visibility into their company’s historical and real-time data. Companies will be able to unlock strategic procurement through holistic data, transparency, and actionable analytics. Ignite and Sourcing Champions together strengthen procurement transparency to give rise to spend, sustainability and risk management for improved and measurable results.

About Ignite

Ignite is an advanced yet simple spend, sustainability and risk management solution that gives you the power of correct and holistic data, transparency, and actionable analytics to empower data-driven decision-making. This way, you not only save money and avoid risk but also make smarter choices and drive value across your organization.

Speed, agility, and accuracy

Dynamic, custom solution anyone in your team can use to navigate the data and analytics challenges and advance your strategic procurement transformation in the areas of spend, sustainability and risk.

Consolidated and harmonized data

Gathered, sorted and automatically classified spend, sustainability and risk data as per your business’ needs to make sure you capitalize on all opportunities.

Ensure compliance and manage risk

Perform efficient and robust initial risk screening of suppliers, and quickly collect the necessary information from selected segments to identify where preventive or corrective measures are needed – and at the same time ensure compliance with supply chain regulations.

Visibility, collaboration, and credibility

Full contract and supplier information accessible at a click of a button. Tailored assessments and surveys to know your peers and suppliers better. A system to track, measure and collaborate on identified savings opportunities, reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate risks across your supplier base.

Rapid value and ROI

In as little as 30 days, with as little involvement from your IT department, realize real value with a custom solution that’s tailored to your objectives and needs.

Our Combined Offering

Empower your procurement team with innovative, intelligence-based solutions to make all aspects of spend, sustainability and risk management more strategic, agile, and efficient—from data management, advanced analytics, strategic sourcing, and contract management to supplier management.

Ignite Procurement Proof of Concept (POC)

Our proof of concept allows you to see your procurement data in action. We integrate data across sources and formats, we then clean, categorize and enrich as per your business needs and finally create highly detailed dashboards with drill-down capabilities. Our proof of concept allows you to uncover hidden patterns, trends and industry-specific insights in your data.

Ignite Implementation

By combining procurement expertise, technology, and change management we deliver a next generation spend, sustainability and risk management platform for companies of all sizes. Next to the initial proof of concept, our business driven, and relevant onboarding & training ensures that your employees gain the skills and tools to work efficiently with Ignite Procurement. Our hands-on support, through coaching and mentoring sessions offer close support and expert advice to drive adoption of the platform. A dedicated team with professional project management skills, a clear governance model and management involvement ensure a successful implementation. Together with your procurement team we enable a 360° perspective on your suppliers and automate management reporting. Sourcing Champions combines procurement consulting and digital technology to deliver maximum value for your organization.