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Ivalua & Sourcing Champions

Ivalua, a global leader in spend management, joins forces with Sourcing Champions to enable organizations to increase procurement effectiveness resiliency through procurement digitalization.

In an increasingly globalized and competitive marketplace in need of more efficient, transparent, and data-driven procurement processes, this partnership goes beyond technology implementation. It enables the critical alignment of procurement practices with overarching business strategies, empowering organizations to effectively address external and regional challenges, including fluctuating market dynamics, supply chain disruptions, and sustainability imperatives.

To ensure a tailored approach, we assess each organizations’ procurement maturity level and tailors its procurement evolution path accordingly. The adopted strategy enables procurement teams to unlock their potential through a strategic, modular transformation.


What You Can Achieve with Ivalua & Sourcing Champions:

Elevate Procurement: Seamlessly integrate your procurement operations with a unified platform that maximizes efficiency and transparency.

Navigate Digital Transformation: Harness the power of digitalization with customized solutions designed to meet your specific business objectives.

Optimize Procurement Strategy: Benefit from our deep-rooted procurement DNA and years of experience in creating procurement strategies that drive results.

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Embark on a journey towards procurement as a competitive advantage and digital transformation. Together, we’ll reshape your procurement operations for sustainable and resilient supply chains.

About Ivalua

  • Insights to make better, faster decisions
  • Automation to free capacity for strategic objectives
  • Collaboration tools to effectively engage suppliers

Ivalua is a leading provider of cloud-based Spend Management software. Ivalua’s complete, unified platform empowers businesses to effectively manage all categories of spend and all suppliers, increasing profitability, improving ESG performance, lowering risk, and improving employee productivity. Ivalua is trusted by hundreds of the world’s most admired brands and recognized as a global leader by renowned industry analysts.

Ivalua provides a 360° view of spend and suppliers, offering unparalleled transparency. Our platform includes sub-tier mapping, end-to-end Source-to-Pay (S2P) analytics, and integrated Master Data Management (MDM) to rectify errors in your ERPs. It’s the foundation for a trustworthy procurement ecosystem.

Automation is at the core of Ivalua’s platform. We seamlessly digitize your Source-to-Pay process flows, covering all spend categories, from indirect goods to services, direct procurement, and even complex categories. This uniformity guarantees a consistent user experience throughout your procurement journey.

Ivalua fosters improved relationships and tangible results. Our platform enables secure information sharing, automated action and improvement plans, supply chain collaboration, and integrated project management. This collaborative approach enhances your procurement ecosystem, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and strategic supplier relationships.

Ivalua’s Unified Platform is your gateway to simplified, transparent, and highly efficient procurement. It’s not just procurement; it’s procurement redefined for the modern age.

Simplify Procurement with a Unified Platform

Procurement Transformation

Experience the power of Ivalua through our partnership with Sourcing Champions. As a leading force in procurement transformation, we collaborate seamlessly with Ivalua, a global leader in strategic and comprehensive procurement solutions. Elevate your procurement strategy with Ivalua’s cutting-edge technologies, fostering strategic transformation, spend management, and source-to-pay excellence. Unleash the full potential of your procurement organization through this dynamic collaboration, designed to optimize every aspect of your strategic transformation journey.

Ready to Transform Your Procurement?


Explore our partnership and discover how you can take your procurement to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and get started on this exciting journey. Your procurement competitive advantage begins here!