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Get the most out of your supplier engagement and procurement activities with our fully on-demand services.

Why MarketDojo?

MarketDojo is a best of breed e-sourcing & e-tendering platform. The user-friendly software allows procurement teams to effectively manage the tender process & data, minimize organizational costs, and mitigate procurement risk while delivering bottom-line value. By running tenders and negotiating through the MarketDojo e-auctions module, your procurement team can identify the most suitable suppliers in the market based on price and various other configurable variables. The web-based technology developed by MarketDojo allows your organization and external suppliers to communicate on one integrated platform. Together we collaborate with you to ensure an efficient procurement process and generate significant savings in time and costs. We utilize MarketDojo as a supportive software mainly in our cost reduction & strategic sourcing programs.

What We Offer

The MarketDojo solutions offers advanced e-RFX functionality for your organization. The entire tender process can be performed in a single dedicated platform, allowing for integrated questionnaires, automatic scoring cards, and qualitative & quantitative information request from all your suppliers. Data is easily imported and exported from the SaaS-based solution and integrated with MS Excel and Power BI. Furthermore, MarketDojo supports enhanced negotation methods through multi-stage RFXs and a variety of e-actions.

  • Request For Information (RFI)
  • Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • Request For Quotation (RFQ)
  • E-Auction
  • Reverse and Forward e-Auction
  • Open & Ranked e-Auction

“Manage data. Mitigate risk. Minimise costs.”


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Our Partnership

The Sourcing Champions – MarketDojo partnership is built on our common comprehensive experience & expertise in procurement. Our partnership strengthens both our procurement service offerings, with the focus on cost reduction and strategic sourcing. We are able to quickly adapt to diverse client requirements and help procurement organization achieve the best tender & negotiation outcomes. Our combined sourcing & procurement expertise provides a strong base that will help elevate your procurement team to realize long lasting results.

About Marketdojo

Market Dojo is a procurement software company based in the United Kingdom. The SaaS-based software solution is built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals. The solutions offers an array of capabilities to help procurement organizations to develop sourcing & supplier relationship management activities to the next level. All the products are available on-demand to ensure a solution with a low entry barrier for your organization. The software is focused on streamlining the procurement process and generating tangible results. MarketDojo achieves this through their user-friendly & capable e-sourcing software.