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Proactively monitor, identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk

Our Partnership

Sourcing Champions serves as Sphera‘s trusted partner in the piloting, implementation, and advancement of transformative risk management strategies via Sphera‘s AI-powered Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) solution.

Sourcing Champions’ strength lies in our team’s unwavering dedication and extensive experience in procurement risk management. With a track record of successfully working with large multinational enterprises on procure-tech implementation projects, our core focus remains digitalization and effectively managing procurement risks.

The dynamic combination of Sphera and Sourcing Champions will bring your risk management capabilities to the next level thanks to AI-enabled supply chain transparency and visibility.


Our consultants’ risk proficiency and supply chain management expertise coupled with Sphera’s world-class software will provide the C-suite with true visibility into their company’s historical and real-time data.

Companies will be able to identify supply chain risk and implement timely countermeasures, ensuring a greater degree of resiliency and agility. Sphera and Sourcing Champions jointly strengthen procurement transparency, allowing for adequate risk management, which translates to enhanced business results.

About Sphera’s Supply Chain Risk Management Software

The SCRM tool is a comprehensive AI-based risk management solution that gives you the power of visibility to enable quick and effective identification and mitigation of supply chain risks. This empowers your organization in generating cost savings while proactively averting operational disruptions to ensure continuous and profitable operations.

Monitor Supply Networks in Real Time

Protect your business by quickly detecting risk. Profile and monitor your supply network to reveal risk in real time.

Minimize the Business Impact of Supply Chain Risk

Prevent risk from costing you by mapping disruptions to suppliers concentrated in regions impacted by geopolitical crisis or natural disasters.

Collaborate to Create a Resilient Enterprise

Save valuable time by making the right decisions by collaborating both across your organization and with your suppliers to proactively mitigate risk.

Automate Third-Party Assessment Process

Risk can be best managed by what you see. But for certain areas of your risk exposure, your third parties are the only ones who can provide the answers.

Expose Threats in N-Tier Supply Chains

Work with tier-1 suppliers to visually map dependencies and expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

Strategy Consulting combined with best-of-breed

Supply Chain Risk Management technology to deliver maximum value