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Harnessing Digital Technology to unlock hidden value from Technology and Telecom contracts

Why Thinking Machine?

Thinking Machine is a leading provider of Telecom Expense Management Software, Contract Value Intelligence and Spend Analytics Solutions. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated dashboard creation for both spend intelligence and cost savings analysis, Thinking Machine provides 360-degree contract insights. Together we collaborate with you to realise the benefits of immediate cost savings and achieve your organizations long-term sourcing objectives.

What We Offer

Thinking Machines Telco Machine solution is the fastest cost saving platform for large businesses with IT Telecom expenses. Telco Machine works by auditing, optimizing, and monitoring your Telecom spend in real-time. Offered as a SaaS-based solution, it is the first of its kind to provide reliable spend analytics between large and interconnected service offerings, giving you automated cost saving identification. A user-friendly solution, invoices and agreements are easily uploaded onto the platform without the requiring software integration on your network. Powered by intelligent OCR technology, Telco Machine allows you to receive customizable and consolidated invoices from different suppliers across multiple languages.

Telco Machine may be used solely as a cost savings solution, or can be bundled up with:

  • Expense Management tools; and
  • Custom Invoicing tools.

Traditionally, businesses had to invest first in expense management platforms in order to generate cost savings. Telco Machine flips the script by offering significant cost savings upfront, which only leads to expense management where you have a real operational requirement.

“Saving Costs, One Telco At A Time”

Our partnership

The Sourcing Champions – Thinking Machine partnership brings a unique combination of extensive procurement business knowledge with best of breed Telecom value optimization technology. Our partnership is based on our mutual drive to capture the full potential of digitalization to drive cost savings into an exciting engine for growth. By successfully tailoring the Telco solution to your business strategic objectives, we uncover and optimize the hidden value in Telecom spend giving you measurable ROI on an immediate and recurring basis.

About Thinking Machine

Thinking Machine is an AI company based in the United Kingdom. Powered by machine learning and semantic technologies, their mission is to optimize spend for enterprise technology services and contracts. Thinking Machine has developed a novel approach to merging data analytics between invoices and contracts, taking contract spend analytics and optimization from a time-consuming activity to a user-friendly and intelligent business solution.