The all-in-one solution for sustainable and collaborative cost efficiency.

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Our Partnership

As Valuedesk’s global partner, Sourcing Champions is the trusted leader in implementing and driving transformational value excellence programs using Valuedesks’s cloud software. The strength of Sourcing Champions lies in its proven approach for procure-tech implementations, experience from large multinational enterprises and long-standing procurement expertise. Our focus on digitalization with carefully selected best of breed solutions and our mission to transform Global Sourcing & Procurement into a real competitive advantage for every organization are perfectly aligned with Valuedesk’s all-in one solution for sustainable and collaborative cost efficiency.

The powerful combination of Valuedesk and Sourcing Champions brings value excellence to the right strategic level and provides the C-suite with true visibility into their cost and process efficiencies. All value drivers and value creation activities are tracked against critical contribution targets of procurement: quality, speed, innovation, sustainability, risk reduction and strategic cost optimization. Companies are able to unlock strategic procurement by breaking down silos, increasing transparency and potentials as well as accelerated decision-making.

Valuedesk and Sourcing Champions together strengthen procurement for improved and measurable results.

Valuedesk – The all-in-one solution for sustainable and collaborative cost efficiency

Valuedesk was designed from the ground up to achieve just one goal: Enable you to create maximum value from your own efforts. Combine specialized methodological knowledge, powerful workflows and tools that satisfy even the most demanding finance teams to realize your full potential.

Successful long-term cost efficiency requires more than annual targets and an Excel spreadsheet. A variety of specialized features make Valuedesk’s Value Management System (VMS) the best tool for collaborative efficiency improvements

Optimal processes for maximum efficiency

Implement all initiatives through a guided, standardized process and use workflows and notifications so that nothing gets lost. You will achieve more and always keep track of the next steps without loosing track of the big picture.

Break down silos and achieve more as a team

You can only achieve the big effects as part of a team. That’s why simplicity and collaboration are at the heart of Valuedesk. The result: great acceptance, more potential is found, implementation is accelerated, initiatives that can be implemented are quickly discovered, and effects are realistically assessed and validated.

Huge method database for new efficiency initiatives

Lacking the approach and initiative knowledge? Access over 130 proven initiatives and step-by-step instructions. Discover where you have blind spots, and which levers you can still pull in the initiative explorer.

Single point of truth for enterprise-wide value enhancement

No more inefficient processes when it comes to value-added activities. Consolidate all collaboration, communications, documents, calculations, activities, and history in one place.

Full transparency, comprehensive analysis and reporting options

Analyze your data and make better decisions. Learn in just a few clicks why initiatives fail, which business units contribute how much to success, and what you need to do today to reach your goal for the next fiscal year. Create forecasts and different scenarios so that you always have reliable figures. No initiative goes unnoticed. See the current progress at any time.

Value and ROI

Effects are already visible in the income statement in the first year. The full effect usually becomes apparent from the second fiscal year onwards.

“The all-in-one solution for sustainable and collaborative cost efficiency”

Our Combined Offering

Benefit from the systematic approach of the Value Champions. Discover our Value Excellence program, the only all-in-one solution for sustainable and collaborative cost efficiency.

Individually strong, together unbeatable

Our 3 performance boosters: With our unique combination of specialized Value Excellence Systematics, performance coaching and an intuitive cloud software, together we sustainably secure your operating results.

After a thorough procurement analysis (e.g. spend, sustainability and risk) as well as strategic lever workshops, we derive many opportunities for value creation. These are used to define the final value contribution targets, strategic options and strategic objectives for your procurement strategy.

We then prioritize and translate relevant opportunities into tangible initiatives and tasks that can be implemented and tracked through a guided and standardized process in Valuedesk.

Our Value Excellence Program is a real transformational process, where change management is the key to success. Our expert PMO team facilitates this transformation with communication, training, governance, set up, hands on support and coaching to drive maximum adoption and value creation.

Let’s create a culture of efficiency, that brings predictable results to your bottom line.