Start your Digital Transformation Roadmap with Sourcing Champions

07 Feb, 2022

Digital Transformation Sourcing

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Digital Transformation is today at the top of the strategic agenda. Companies invest hundreds of million euro’s on their digital transformation, yet often lack a robust and professional procurement process. This can lead to greater risk, longer “time to market” with solutions and significant higher costs than necessary. Software companies i.e  have a very effective approach for their sales leaders to get close to decision makers in IT departments to develop and win large value contracts without even having to go through a proper RFP process.

We help CIO’s /CDO’s to get their procurement in IT under control and get maximum value for the digital transformation.

Unique Procurement Program for Digital Transformations

  • We support CIO’s and CDO’s on their digital transformation programs with our Procurement Power and PMO.
  • We create a sourcing strategy based on your business requirements.
  • We source the software, hardware & corresponding implementation partner.
  • We run RFI’s and RFP’s to select the right software, hardware and implementation partner.
  • We negotiate and contract all digital solutions.

Our Achievements

  • We achieve full transparency and top-management governance on the procurement process.
  • We create strong cross-functional teams between IT and procurement.
  • We ensure a professional, competitive and objective tender process to select the right partners.
  • We perform large tenders within 12-16 weeks.
  • We achieve significant multi-million euro cost-reductions through our proven approach.
  • We have been given very high satisfaction ratings, by both our clients and suppliers.