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13 Oct, 2023

Digital Procurement World 🌍 2023

We had a fantastic time at DPW 2023 in Amsterdam, and we trust all those in attendance did too! The conference provided a valuable platform to delve into the latest digital procurement trends, connect with industry experts, and share our insights.

Key takeaway from David Rogers author of “The Digital Transformation Roadmap”:

Digital transformation involves people, processes, and culture, not just technology.

🎯 Shared Vision: Alignment on transformation goals and benefits.
🛠️ Experimentation: The journey of transformation involves trying new technologies and approaches.
📊 Governance: Effective management, roles, and progress tracking are crucial.
🏋️ Capabilities: Invest in training for success in the digital realm.

At Sourcing Champions, we emphasize the significance of digital transformation in procurement, driving efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of DPW 2023, including the organizers, Matthias Gutzmann and the entire team, as well as our clients and partners.

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