Ecochain and Sourcing Champions Unite Strengths

14 Dec, 2021

Ecochain and Sourcing Champions unite strengths to transform environmental data into business opportunities!

Sourcing Champions offers next-level procurement consulting. We combine strategy consulting with digital technology to deliver maximum value. Now, with a completely new digital partner to boost sustainable change.

As the new implementation partner of Ecochain, Sourcing Champions enriches its sustainability program to make your company future-proof.

We translate environmental data into sustainable targets and tangible initiatives.

The partnership ensures your company excels in collecting, measuring, and understanding your environmental data. We bring full visibility in your organization and drive your company’s NetZero roadmap.


Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence Platform helps companies make a sustainable impact through their activity-based footprinting technology. The software platform has extensive and sector-specific databases to help your company measure its full environmental footprint. Ecochain measures your footprint across your direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 & 3) emissions. By linking your material and process specific footprints back to each individual product, Ecochain creates an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of your whole product portfolio.


With suppliers (scope 2 & 3) often accounting for over 70% of companies’ environmental footprint, most environmental impact remains unchanged even when companies reduce their direct (scope 1) emissions. Sourcing champions focuses on your scope 2 and 3 emissions, delivering responsible procurement consultancy to create transparency and breakthrough in the environmental footprint of the supply base.


The partnership program delivers a four step approach:

  1. Environmental Data Analysis
  2. Sustainability Strategy and Science Based Targets
  3. Initiatives with the Supply Base
  4. Tracking and Monitoring Scope 2 & 3

The partnership brings a unique combination of extensive procurement business knowledge with intelligent environmental data technology. Together, Sourcing Champions and Ecochain help you collect, understand and implement environmental data you can rely on.

Read more about our partnership with Ecochain here

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