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The uncertainty that characterizes modern times does not concern certain countries, but it is spread throughout the world. At Sourcing Champions, we deem that there must be cooperation between companies, countries, and governmental and private organizations, to enhance the global environment we are living in.

Sourcing Champions is a responsible procurement consultancy that aims to support the European External Action Service concerning development, humanitarian aid, and crisis response.

We strongly believe that our experience in public tenders can help make the procurement process for humanitarian and civil missions easier and faster for companies to participate. We reckon that European member States should act as one, under their strong identity. In this context, Sourcing Champions’ goal is to create a bridge between companies and EEAS, by offering a smooth procurement process to companies and enabling them to act for an impact-driven purpose.

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European External Action Service

All over the world, the EU works to prevent and resolve conflicts, support resilient democracies, promote human rights and sustainable development, fight climate change, and contribute to a rules-based global order. Since the launch of the first missions and operations, the EU has continuously enhanced its structures, mechanisms, and tools to promote stability and security in our neighborhood and beyond, thereby contributing to increased security in the EU.

The European External Action Service (EEAS) is the European Union’s diplomatic service. Since 2011, the EEAS carries out the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy to promote peace, prosperity, security, and the interests of Europeans across the globe.

There is a strong link between what happens outside of the EU’s borders and security within Europe. Security challenges have become more multidimensional in a rapidly changing world: no EU Member State can face these threats alone. When it comes to security, the interests of all Member States are inseparably linked.

To do so, EEAS maintains diplomatic relations with nearly all countries globally and undertakes a range of actions with strategic partners, key international players, and emerging and developing powers.

In this environment, the procurements procedure follows the European Financial Regulation, but with different rules in crisis areas and developing the mandate of 11 civilian missions.

The missions are related to democracy support, international development, crisis response and humanitarian aid, nuclear safety, and the environment and they involve 11 countries in East Europe and Africa.

The European Commission External Action Services (EEAS) publishes Tenders and Grants in more the 100 countries around the world concerning more than 30+ categories.

To launch our program we start with a preparatory step, referred to as step zero, by implementing the right tools and software installations to help execute the sustainable transformation. Each step aims to be executed through close collaboration, engagement and commitment. The plan brings bold moves and short-term wins, but also creates a long-term focus to realize achievable yet ambitious objectives.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Overall, tendering is already a very significant and attractive market for most countries and industries around Europe and many other regions as well. But it is also a very demanding market encompassing strict rules and deadlines and it needs the coordination of big and diverse teams working together, especially for larger tenders. In this context, there is a growing interest from many organizations in different industries to organize a tender-driven business in the most efficient and effective way, and this will be a major challenge for a lot of companies in the following years.

As part of Sourcing Champions procurement consulting service, we provide in-depth consultancy service in participating in the European External Actions service tender market.

Our procurement consulting service in the EEAS public tender market is made of four phases:

Tender selection phase: We perform a market assessment and we develop a strategy to participate in the most suitable call in an open, restricted, and negotiated procedure.

Pre tender phase: We analyze and answer Request for Expression of Interest and Tender or Grants Proposal.

Evaluation phase: We assist the client with clarification requests and submission of additional documents, and samples, and visit on-site negotiation with the Contracting Authority, strategy assessment, and project change management. Contract award management, document checking, and contract handover management.

Contract implementation: We advise the client for a smooth contract implementation, during the contract closure and post-contract activities.


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Procurement outsourcing is a good choice for companies, especially those participating in a specific sector such as the EEAS public procurement market. We offer an opportunity to reduce costs, save time, enable the organisation to concentrate on core competency, save resources, reduce training costs, integrate external expertise into the organisation and maximize the profit.

Sourcing Champions assists your organisation in finding the most suitable tender notice in the EEAS tender market. We offer our expertise in finding the Tender/Grants opportunities, selecting the best call for tenderers, the proper Contracting Authority, the business sector, and the most suitable Tender call: the outcome of this step is to select a Tender call for the Client. Once the client agreed to participate in a tender, Sourcing Champions will provide a consultancy service on participating in the tender procedure: we analyse and answer the Request for Expression of Interest, and Tender Proposal, and analyse and prepare the tender submission. In addition, we assist the Client in identifying local partners, in fair and transparent lobbying with the authorities, supporting the Client in negotiation for shortlisting and proposal preparation, and coordination with the Client’s internal units. We also assist in planning and conducting this action by applying the most efficient Project Management methods and tools. At the end of this process, the Client decides to submit a Tender offer.

We follow the Client until the tender notice period is ended. We assist the Client in the evaluation phase by providing consultancy on clarification requests and submitting additional documents, samples, and visits on-site—negotiation with the Contracting Authority (if any), strategy assessment and project change management. Contract award management, document checking and contract handover management. At the end of the evaluation phase, we support the Client with the contract award procedure.

The last step is the contract implementation. Sourcing Champions advising on smooth contract implementation, contract closure, post-contract activities, management of amendments, Administrative Orders, payments, contract clauses on reporting, guaranties, and amicable settlement, support on contract renewal or extension.