Ivalua NOW Day 1: Key Insights

14 Mar, 2024

Sourcing Champions recently attended the exciting #IvaluaNOW event in Paris, where we gained invaluable insights into the future of procurement.

One standout topic was the potential of Gen AI to revolutionize procurement. Despite ongoing challenges like resource constraints, Ivalua‘s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) offers a game-changing solution. By automating tasks and providing real-time insights, IVA empowers procurement teams to streamline processes and elevate their strategic impact.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) emerged as another key focus area. Effective CLM is crucial for managing risks and maximizing value from supplier relationships. Our discussions at #IvaluaNOW highlighted the importance of advanced CLM solutions in driving procurement transformation.

Excitingly, we’ll be exploring similar topics at an upcoming event in Amsterdam on March 26. Join us as we delve deeper into procurement transformation and chart the course for the future together.