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Empowering companies to reduce their environmental impact.

Our Partnership

With increasing global competition and climate change being the number one priority for many governments, institutions, companies and consumers, we believe in developing responsible procurement strategies: Strategic, profitable and sustainable. The demand for environmental data is growing rapidly, yet many companies lack the tools and know-how to meet this data transparency and manage their footprints. Our partnership with Ecochain helps to ensure your company excels in collecting, measuring, and understanding your environmental data to bring full visibility in your organization. Ecochain is the environmental intelligence platform to empower sustainable change and help companies like yours to make an impact. Together, we measure and report your scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and provide an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of your whole product portfolio. We turn your environmental data into business opportunities.

Responsible Procurement

The powerful combination of Ecochain and Sourcing Champions brings full transparency in your scope 1, 2 and 3 processes to understand the source of your environmental footprint and develop your Carbon Neutrality roadmap. The partnership brings a unique combination of extensive procurement business knowledge with intelligent environmental data technology. Together, We help you collect, understand and implement environmental data you can rely on. The partnership is based on the mutual interest to make companies understand where their impact lies, and how they can enhance responsible decision-making for a better future and bottom-line. Ecochain and Sourcing Champions strengthen procurement transparency to give rise to sustainable initiatives for improved and measurable long-lasting results.

We help manage your climate strategy and measure your climate success with ISO certified and GHG protocol approved environmental footprinting and reporting. We transform those countless excel sheets and calculations to a single source of truth.

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About Ecochain

Ecochain is the environmental intelligence platform that drives your company’s sustainable strategy. Ecochain has extensive and sector-specific databases to help your company measure your full environmental impact across both you direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 & 3) emissions. It does not matter what industry or market your company operates in, through Activity-based Footprinting technology, Ecochain can measure your material and process specific footprints. With a Life-cycle Assessment (LCA), Ecochain links the emissions of all materials and processes directly back to your products to gain control of your full portfolio footprint. This methodology allows you to easily view and compare the footprint of individual products and take evidence-based sustainable actions.

Ecochain’s platform keeps all your sustainable-related data in one place and completely visualizes your environmental impact to transform your company in a sustainable leader. Their intelligent platform helps you gain full control of your environmental data, get real-time footprints and benchmark impact-reduction scenarios to reach your targets.

Through data transparency, Ecochain encourages opportunities to improve supply chain activities, collaborate with value chain partners to optimize your environmental performance and get actionable insights.

What We Offer

With Climate Change being at the top of everyone’s list, companies play a crucial role in working towards the global climate goals within the Paris Agreement. With Nations, governments and financial institutions setting the stage for higher environmental regulations and penalizations, companies have no other option than to improve and report their environmental impact according to official standards. However, most inaction does not stem from a lack of motivation, but rather from a lack of know-how. We aim to transform the environmental data companies already possess in actionable and evidence-based initiatives.

Our sustainability program consists of a sequential-step approach that enables your company to not only understand its environmental footprint, but report its emissions according to international standards and take action at the source of your impact.

Our sustainability program consists of the following steps:

  • Sustainable data analysis
  • Science-based target setting
  • Sustainable strategy development
  • Evidence based initiatives
  • Measuring and tracking sustainable impact

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