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Simpli Contract

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SimpliContract is a next generation AI-powered & SaaS-based contract life-cycle management (CLM) platform provider and we have been selected as the European consultancy partner of choice. Our partnership combines Sourcing Champions’ in-depth procurement expertise with SimpliContract’s deep experience in contract life-cycle management. Together we collaborate with you to transform contract processes and develop a solution that will optimize your contract management. The strength of the partnership lies in our common drive to capture the full potential of digitalization and our mission to transform contract life-cycle management into a real competitive advantage for your company. AI-powered CLM platforms are the future of contract life-cycle management.

What We Offer

Your contracts hold important and business crucial information. Through SimpliContract we offer a contract life-cycle management platform that imbeds artificial intelligence (AI) to scan contracts using natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR). The metadata captured by SimpliContract’s artificial intelligence displays the meaningful and accurate information in a user-friendly dashboard environment. SimpliContract provides the latest CLM technology to deliver complete transparency and efficiency within all your contracts. Through the smart CLM platform our consultants in collaboration with your team can effectively implement the full contract life-cycle management system, which will speed up & improve contract negotiation, enhance supplier relationships, track vendor service level agreements (SLAs), simplify compliance, reduce contract risks, and save contracting costs.

We not only help our clients implement, integrate and navigate the CLM software tool, we also provide related consulting services where our experts collaborate with your procurement, legal and sales department to enhance the complete CLM operating model from pre-signature to post-signature SLA execution. We support all the steps to ensure your CLM system is accurate, complete and contains the right information, ensuring your contract management system will provide a real value add to your business. In addition, our consultants are always available for post-deployment support.

“Take contracting form weeks to days.”


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SimpliContract, Contract Lifecyle Management platform

SimpliContract ensures a seamless flow of data across connected enterprise applications. The contract life-cycle management platform integrates with your existing technological environment to provide you a smooth experience in fetching and sending contractual data across applications for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Finance and Human Resources (HR). It also integrates with MS Office and digital signature applications.

In addition, SimpliContract can review any contract format through AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the platform helps you extract metadata and obligations from your business contracts for search, analysis, and ongoing compliance. The SimpliContract contract life-cycle management platform is an end-to-end system, encompassing all contract phases from pre-signature to post-signature as illustrated in the following chart.

Our Partnership

The Sourcing Champions-SimpliContract partnership brings a unique combination of extensive procurement business knowledge and next generation contract life-cycle management technology development expertise. Our partnership is based on our mutual passion for truly understanding your needs and translating these to gain quick and tangible results. By successfully tailoring the contract life-cycle management solution to your business strategic objectives, we make sure you achieve your full ambition.

About SimpliContract

SimpliContract is a AI-powered and SaaS-based contract management platform covering the entire lifecycle from request to renewal, and all types of contracts. Their mission is to democratize contracting and establish powerful contract management practices using the power of Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition). SimpliContract takes contracting from a time-consuming and paper-filled activity to a user-friendly and intelligent business solution. The SimpliContract contract life-cycle management platform gets its power from three core differentiators, a user interface designed on customer feedback, a low code approach, and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

SimpliContract’s AI-driven platform, founded in early 2020, already supports over 6,000 enterprise users and manages more than 50,000 contracts worth over $ 4 billion in value. Organizations are seeing value in the user-centric interface, AI capabilities, and agile integrations, they are committed to deliver. CLM has turned into a high priority investment as its market is forecasted to grow from $1,5 billion today to $5,2 billion by 2027. To further emphasis these achievements, in 2021, SimpliContract raised $1.8 million in seed funding led by Kalaari Capital with participation from Picus Capital, Arka Venture Labs and Sparrow Capital.