Procurement Consulting

Our consulting services are focused on making sourcing & procurement a real competitive advantage for your organization. We collaborate jointly with your team, building the procurement organization capability and subsequently future-proof your business.

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Procurement Strategy

Set today’s strategy for tomorrow’s results

Cost Reduction

High impact negotiations to drastically reduce costs

Sustainable Procurement

Turning environmental data into business opportunities

Procurement Transformation

Transforming procurement into a real competitive advantage

Category Management Strategy

Collaborate with your category stakeholders and identify unique strategies.

Strategic Sourcing

Translate your supplier capabilities into value for you and your end-customer

Supply Chain Risk Management

Mitigate your procurement risk and turn challenges into opportunities

Digital Procurement

Combining next-generation software solutions with procurement expertise to accelerate innovation

Innovation Sourcing

Paving the way for breakthrough innovations

Contract Life-Cycle Management

Simplify contracting

Public Tenders Consultancy EEAS

Creating a bridge between companies and EEAS for a better world

Performance Management

Navigate turbulent markets and counter price hikes with our Value Excellence Program.

Procurement Analytics

Get full transparency to efficiently manage your spend, carbon footprint and risks

Managed Procurement Services

Strengthen your Procurement  with Sourcing Champions Managed Services on Demand

“We deliver next level procurement consulting.”

Procurement Consulting Services

As a boutique procurement consulting firm, we provide dedicated expertise and comprehensive experience in all aspects of procurement. Our consulting services are tailored to provide procurement excellence to your organization by elevating the entire procurement function. We understand that the multifaceted nature of procurement requires us to be at the forefront of trends in digitalization, innovation and sustainability. These elements are therefore ingrained in each of the procurement consulting programs. 

Our procurement consultants are experts in translating your company procurement requirements to the industry leading sourcing strategies and practices. By working together, we prioritise procurement in business. We help identify procurement challenges and opportunities to mitigate supply chain risks and build procurement capabilities. We further combine our expertise with world-class AI-based procurement software to drive category and supplier management.

Our priority is to truly understand your procurement needs and to translate these to the industry best practices.

Procurement Short & Long-term benefits

Short-term cost reduction and quick financial wins are certainly components of our procurement consulting programs. However, our aim is to successfully transform your procurement strategy, which entails more than just cost reduction. Value creation through demand management and business intelligence drive the innovation and top-line growth of your company. We aspire to elevate the entire procurement function to a strategic and leadership position.

A clear procurement strategy, category management, and holistic spend visibility allows your company to gain a multitude of supply chain benefits and realize valuable savings in sourcing and purchasing operations long-term. Furthermore, we pursue to build procurement strategies, policies and procedures that tangibly contribute to the overall business strategy. We focus on supply chain risk, supplier selection, innovation, cost drivers, sustainability, digitalization, category management, and more.

The procurement strategy and aligned business processes help your company to manage category spend and supplier relationships, consequently improving your competitive edge and bottom-line.

We bring procurement consulting to your industry

As procurement consultants, we bring sourcing and procurement expertise to companies of all sizes, enhancing both local and global procurement strategies. Our team, consisting of highly skilled procurement operations consultants and supply chain specialists, acts as end-to-end procurement consultants. With the expertise to drive change in your industry and business, we collaborate closely with you and industry experts. Together, we provide the tools, experience, and guidance needed to build a world-class procurement organization, ensuring tangible results. Our focus is on making sourcing and procurement a genuine competitive advantage, developing strategies through our proven approach, and aligning your procurement strategy with corporate objectives.

Procurement Strategy

Based upon our broad procurement knowledge and experience in procurement strategy consulting, category management, procurement transformation and digitalization, our procurement consultants bring next level procurement strategy consulting. Together, we develop your procurement organization by adopting sourcing and procurement best practices throughout the entire procurement function, combining strategy development with digital technology to bring maximum value. In parallel with our category strategy program we offer a structured training approach to ensure your organization procurement knowledge and skills are developed further. Our procurement consultants are highly motivated and experienced, with the required procurement profile and methodological competencies. We go the extra mile and will collaborate with you during the entire journey to deliver a tailormade successful procurement program.

Procurement Transformation Consultant

In our procurement transformation consultancy programs, we partner with you to effectively transform sourcing and procurement in alignment with your organization’s strategic objectives. Utilizing our proven approach and industry best practices, we address crucial procurement aspects, spanning diverse spend categories—both direct and indirect. The significance of each category may vary by industry, necessitating a tailored procurement transformation strategy. We collaborate closely with your procurement department, crafting and executing a roadmap that aligns with internal needs. To enhance our procurement process consulting programs, we integrate insights from leading digital procurement solution providers. In conclusion, as procurement transformation consultants and sustainability procurement ambassadors (SPP), we advocate for the implementation of sustainable procurement practices to future-proof your business.

Our Vision:

Our Vision:

We transform global sourcing & procurement into a real competitive advantage

Our Mission:

By combining high-end strategy consulting with digital technology and executive operational procurement leadership, we aim to achieve top-line growth and bottom-line results.