Category Management Strategy

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Why you need a Category Management Strategy

In a highly globalized and volatile world, with increasing customer demand, shorter product life cycles, growing competition and continuous need for innovation, procurement managers can be faced with various complex issues. Through a Category Management Strategy, companies can collaboratively strengthen their procurement and orchestrate their value chain across regional and market boundaries. Our procurement experts work together with our first-class category management software partner to champion your procurement organization. With procurement processes affecting both the top and bottom line of your company, we have developed a Category Management program geared to enhance transparent category strategy development and align  procurement strategies with corporate business objectives. We promote direct communication and close collaboration between your category stakeholders and  procurement team in order to transform knowledge and shape a procurement organization that creates real enterprise-wide value. 

Our category management consulting program helps your company gain a detailed overview of your procurement operations by segmenting the main areas of organizational spend for both your direct and indirect products and services. The program  follows a sequential-step methodology from strategy to delivery to gain insights and turn those insights into action. We help your category stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of their category risks, spend, suppliers, products and markets to identify category-specific and value-adding opportunities. Our Category Management program shapes your success by analyzing your procurement categories, identifying unique category sourcing strategies, translating them into tangible initiatives and reporting and monitoring results. 

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Procurement Category Excellence

In strategic procurement, category management is vital for optimizing processes and saving time and money. Our consultants help you achieve these goals by align your procurement category strategy with suitable business opportunities. We help you collect and use available company data to develop strategies to obtain quick-wins and long-term goals. Through procurement category management we tackle and examine every underlying procurement element of your specific area to advise on procurement category strategies encompassing favorable vendor relationships, product positionings and cost savings.

  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Risk reductions in supply chains
  • Procurement savings and cost reductions
  • Enhanced sustainable strategies
  • Optimized use of resources

Our strategic procurement category management program fundamentally changes the way your company approaches the supply base. The program analyzes and integrates category data and sets specific category strategies that translate in tangible initiatives to achieve valuable results. Your company will be able to track, measure and act on a range of category initiatives that result from an AI-powered strategy development and supplier management tool.

“We turn category-specific strategies into tangible initiatives.”

Digital Category Management

Digital solutions provide new prospects for category management. Procurement has become a new playground for digital innovations with the increasing focus on AI, SaaS-based software, BigData and advanced analytics. Companies can integrate key technologies to gain control and insights in their direct and indirect product categories with the goal to achieve value driven results. Category management is at the center of the manufacturer-retailer relationship and enables the transformation for procurement innovation and digitalization for enhanced business results through greater collaboration and automation. Digitalization in the field of category management allows organizations to work cross-functionally on individual categories to examine the entire category spend, marketplace and suppliers. To achieve maximum effectiveness category management should be a continuously embedded process supported with digital solutions and procurement leadership.

Category Management Software Tool

Sourcing Champions is the largest certified implementation partner of Cirtuo, the next-generation category management platform. Our partnership combines Sourcing Champions’ in-depth procurement expertise with Cirtuo’s AI-powered software for category management. Together, we work with your category leads to determine category requirements, challenges and strategic objectives. Category management software solutions like Cirtuo help us translate and visualize your procurement data into trackable saving plans and business specific initiatives. We help your company turn your procurement data into a collaborative work space to bring transparency, enhance efficiency, reduce costs and boost performance. 

Category Management Consulting

Navigating the intricate landscape of strategic procurement becomes more seamless with our Category Management Consultancy services. Our adept Category Management Consultants use the guided strategy creation, the most powerful tool on the market. Cirtuo allows to asses and analyze your specific category performance through multiple framework evaluations including: Supplier Market, SWOT, Risk Mapping, 5Forces, Cost drivers and the Kraljic matrix. Through our holistic approach to category management consulting combining our expertise and the right technology, we ensure that your organization not only optimizes your current processes but also charts a course for future success in the dynamic marketplace.

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