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A Responsible Procurement Strategy: Strategic, Sustainable and Profitable

Purchasing and sourcing decisions do not only affect organizational outcomes but leave a visible footprint on our world. Sourcing Champions recognizes the importance of sustainable and long-lasting procurement operations that minimize the impact on our environment. We aim to expand and strengthen social and environmental responsible practices within your procurement organization to ensure a better future and bring innovation to the daily activities. We do so by analyzing your environmental data, setting science-based targets, identifying sustainable strategies, translating strategies into sustainable initiatives, and tracking your impact. We bring the tools and know-how in your company to calculate your organizational baseline carbon footprint, identify and prioritize high impact areas for improvement, incorporate sustainability into your procurement strategies and improve your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports.

Through reliable strategies we aim to integrate a sustainable culture from top managers and directors to bottom suppliers and sourcing partners. We boost responsible practices through:

  • Greater top accountability
  • Greater supply chain transparency
  • ISO20040 / GHG Protocol compliance
  • Asses environmental impacts of company practices and products/services
  • Setting the right priorities and aligning company goals to those priorities
  • Risk management
  • Managing supplier relationships

Sustainable Procurement Transformation Program

Our Sustainable Procurement Transformation Program holds a sustainable procurement methodology that we share with our clients in various industries to collaboratively move towards a responsible procurement future. The approach consists of a four-step transformation plan that guides your company through a sustainable procurement transformation process. Our program aims to bring together the right social & environmental tools, stakeholders and experts, to bring efficient change in your company. Through in-depth spend- and environmental- analysis, we collect effective data to deliver impactful changes that boost sustainable outcomes for a better future.

We believe our sustainable procurement program should fit every organization in any market and industry, which is why we work close with industry experts to continuously evolve and tailor our methodology to your needs and environments.

To launch our program we start with a preparatory step, referred to as step zero, by implementing the right tools and software installations to help execute the sustainable transformation. Each step aims to be executed through close collaboration, engagement and commitment. The plan brings bold moves and short-term wins, but also creates a long-term focus to realize achievable yet ambitious objectives.

“Think Strategically, think responsibly.”

Step Zero: Sustainable Innovations

We launch the plan by integrating our sustainable procurement transformation approach with software tools that bring transparency, traceability and Sustainable developments in your company supply chain. We combine our consulting expertise with sustainable intelligence platforms to allow us to calculate, measure and track the influence of your procurement operations on the environment. Through close collaboration and support of digital tools we optimize specific sustainable action plans.

Through digital solutions, we equip your procurement team with the right tools and access to knowledge to make long-term sustainable impacts.

Step One: Sustainable Analysis

We analyze and map your organization procurement operations to understand the action priority by:

  • Analyzing costs, environmental risks and sustainable opportunities through spend and environmental data analysis. We evaluate your organizations baseline environmental impact and sustainability maturity.
  • Identifying key category responsibilities to maximize transformation impact. We assess areas of improvement.

Step Two: Sustainable Strategy Diagnosis

We convert the analysis into a well-defined blueprint and tailored strategy by:    

  • Defining a common value and purpose proposition with clear prioritized incentives, SDG targets and short- & long-term sustainable procurement objectives. We ensure strategies are specific, clear, measurable and achievable.
  • Aligning defined sustainable strategies with profitable procurement strategies and investor incentives.

Step Three: Sustainable Procurement Transformation

We translate the defined strategies into tangible action plans by:

  • Delivering an actionable roadmap from the current state to target goals with category specific actions. Maximal involvement and commitment from all stakeholders parties will enhance results. 
  • Executing specific category transformations and enhancing procurement operations. Enable sustained benefits and improvements through leveraging software platform where we combine sustainable and industry experts with technology solutions.

Step Four: Responsible Procurement Future

We transfer our knowledge and expertise to the procurement organization to ensure your company can continue the sustainable procurement practices through monitoring, evaluating and acting on the results to achieve long-term objectives by:

  • Providing training sessions to give hands-on support to make sustainable decisions.
  • Tracking and measuring responsible impacts through KPI’s, and by promoting transparency through internal and external ESG reporting mechanisms. Early communication on sustainable impacts drives future change.

A Sustainable Future

Implementing sustainable procurement strategies not only leaves a direct positive impact on our environment, but also provides your company with a  competitive edge. Procurement leaders with advanced sustainable programs are more than twice as likely to report an increase in sales and improved product and service quality.  

Sustainable practices often ask for closer teamwork and stakeholder engagement. We help clients to correctly manage supplier relationships through the right tools. By improving direct communication between management, suppliers and stakeholders, companies can increase their transparency, minimize their risk and align their goals to the right practices and sourcing decisions.

We aim to make your business future-proof. We do not only look at current environmental needs, but also include future impacts your company will have on climate change, diversity, equality, and the total well-being of our planet. We guarantee company and procurement practices suitable for future plans and environments.

Reporting standards on financial and non-financial environmental impacts are becoming more strictly regulated and investor sentiments are continuously adapting to greater environmental needs . Environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores are an evaluation of companies’ impact on environmental and social issues. By engaging with stakeholders through ESG reports we can increase company trust, traceability and investment opportunities.