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The 15M Maturity Assessment is the foundation of Sourcing Champions procurement transformation program

Your procurement organization’s maturity is like the compass guiding your path to success. Understanding your current position is key to reaching new heights. At Sourcing Champions, we bring you the 15M Maturity Assessment – your roadmap to procurement excellence.

Strategic Transformation

Constructing a world-class procurement strategy within an established framework is a transformation challenge. The very first step is to analyze the status of the procurement in your organization. This is accomplished with the 15M Maturity Assessment. Then, we unroll the original blueprints and sketch the development plans for strategic framework upheaval. The strategic framework will guide your strategic transformation, including change managementaligning all aspects of strategic sourcing, whilst managing the step-by-step implementation process in an agile way.

Why Assess Maturity?

In the ever-evolving landscape of procurement, the journey towards excellence involves understanding where you stand today. This knowledge is crucial for setting a clear path to a brighter future, ultimately reaching Stage 5: World Sourcing Champion.

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    Stage 1: Operational

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    Stage 2: Classical Sourcing

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    Stage 3: Sourcing Expert

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    Stage 4: Top Class Sourcing

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    Stage 5: World Sourcing Champion

What is Sourcing Champions’s Strategy? – 15M Methodology

The 15 M methodology was developed in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hess, a systematic optimization expert in strategic purchasing. The essence of his approach is the integration of practice and research with a focus on a holistic, sustainable, and agile approach to procurement and supplier strategies. For more than 15 years, Dr Hess has elaborated the 15M architecture through his experience in developing over 20 procurement strategies in multinational companies. This methodology includes developing a comprehensive procurement strategy with category and supplier strategies, purchasing controlling, risk, maturity, and sustainability management, among other factors.

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Your Journey Towards Excellence

The 15M Maturity Assessment is your starting point. By understanding your organization’s maturity stage, we can create a personalized roadmap towards excellence. No matter where you currently stand, our tailored approach will guide you toward becoming a World Sourcing Champion.

Let’s Transform Together

Are you ready to unlock your procurement organization’s true potential? Begin your journey by taking the 15M Maturity Assessment today. With every assessment, we provide valuable insights and a clear direction towards procurement excellence.

Become a Sourcing Champion and embark on the path to Stage 5. Take the assessment now.

Are you already a Stage 5 World-Class Sourcing Champion? Congratulations! Our assessment can still help you maintain your excellence and identify opportunities for even greater achievements.

Assess your procurement organization’s maturity & embark on a journey to world-class procurement.

A Modular Framework

The 15M strategic framework reflects the deliberate and detailed way in which an engineer would design a world-class circular house. There are no structural frailties to uncover and certainly no underperforming features. Easier said than done of course- especially if the engineer were tasked with a renovation as opposed to a new construction. For exactly this purpose, the 15M architecture is modular and comprehensive. Each module of the existing procurement strategy is exhaustively and exclusively inspected through the 15M Maturity Assessment. The results of no less than fifteen of such ”inspections” bears quantitative and qualitative intelligence for transformation and improvement. It is then possible to approach a ‘’renovation” plan with a clear strategic framework and structure.

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The 15M structure

If you were to inspect the blueprint of this procurement strategy, you’d find fifteen modules forming the structure. These modules are organized into five strategic partitions, each serving a unique purpose in the procurement process.

At the core of our procurement strategy lies a sturdy and reliable foundation, the Procurement Framework Strategy (SP1). Like the foundation of a house, it ensures the strength and stability of the entire structure by linking our supply and corporate strategies and aligning market and supplier strategies. This coordinated approach creates a seamless flow that supports our entire supply management process, giving us the foundation, we need to succeed.

Just like a well-built house, our procurement management system relies on a series of building blocks that work together to create a strong and efficient structure. The Category Strategies (SP2) are the building blocks that allow us to bring our procurement market strategy to life. By laying a strategic foundation for our material, product, and commodity groups, we create a structure that’s stable, efficient, and effective.

Our Supplier Strategies (SP3) serve as the keys that unlock successful partnerships with our suppliers. These strategies provide a roadmap for development and cooperation with each supplier, guiding us like architectural plans during the construction of a house. The specifics of the strategy may be kept confidential, but the results are always on full display.

Similar to the intricate systems that ensure a home’s seamless operation, our Process & Digital Strategies (SP4) cover all bases: Plan to Strategy (P2S), Source to Contract (S2C), Procure to Pay (P2P), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and Risk (SCRM) & Sustainability (CSRD). Our process & digital strategies emphasize optimizing and sustaining essential procurement processes, strategically incorporating digital solutions and efficiency criteria. Through comprehensive procurement transformation, we leverage leading software providers to achieve world-class standards and integrate digital capabilities for excellence in procurement strategy and operations.

Finally, our Procurement Performance Management (SP5) ensures the alignment between strategy and execution success through Performance Controlling (N14) and Organization (N15). In Performance Controlling (N14), By employing Balanced Scorecard logic, we specify, monitor, and control the procurement strategy value creation targets with clear KPI’s, maintaining agility for market changes and implementing projects proactively. Organisation (N15), akin to a well-built house, fosters a robust and efficient procurement management system, incorporating and effective organizational set up. This includes developing team and people capabilities, and, governance & leadership with continuous evolutionary development.

Procurement Framework Strategy

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Supplier Strategy

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