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Published: February 21, 2023

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Deadline Contracting Authority Contract title Contracty Type Document Value Place Procedure Categories
24/02/2023 European Investment Bank Management and Technical Assistance Support for Completion of the Mykolayiv Water Project Service Contract Notice 600 000.00 EUR Ukraine Open procedure Technical assistance services: water project
01/05/2023 European Investment Bank Preparatory Works for Nenskra Hydropower Project in Georgia Works Corrigendum NA Georgia Open Procedure Ancillary works for electricity power lines
02/06/2023 European Commission EU-Korea Green Partnership Action Service Prior information notice 4.000.000,00 EUR South Corea Service contract Service Contract to facilitate the operationalisation of the EU-Korea Green Partnership.
15/07/2023 EEAS Services for EU’s external action 2023 Service Planned call for tenders with OJ S publication NA All Countries Service contracts Multiple Lots
02/10/2023 EEAS / Delegation of the European Union to the WTO nettoyage des bureaux Service Call for Tender NA Geneva Negotiated Procedure Cleaning Services
22/07/2024 EU Parlament Acquisition of Anti-Covid Material Supply Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) Preselection of Candidates 800.000,00 EUR Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg Call for expression of interest under Article 164(5)(b) and point 13.1.a This procedure is divided into four fields. Field 1: protective masks. Field 2: temperature measuring devices. Field 3: protective screens. Field 4: miscellaneous products.
30/03/2025 Public body Central Project Management Agency Lithuania-Vilnius: Medical equipments Supply Contract Notice 25.000.000 EUR Ukcraine;Moldova;Georgia Restricted Procedure Lithuania-Vilnius: Medical equipments
01/03/2023 European Investment Bank Support for the environmental and social management of a STEG project in Tunisia Service Contract Notice 300.000 EUR Tunisia Open Procedure Technical assistance services
03/03/2023 EU Delegation Timor-Leste Travel Agency Services for the Delegation of the European Union to Timor-Leste Service Call for Tenders above 140.000 EUR Timor-Leste Framework Contract Travel agency and similar services
03/07/2023 Delegation of the EU to the UN Security services Service Tender notice 140.000,00 EUR Geneva (lot 1) Bern (Lot 2) Restricted competitive procedure with negotiation Security Services
03/07/2023 EU Delegation to WTO Security services for the Permanent Mission Service information Notice above 140.000 EUR Switzerland and  the Principality of Liechtenstein Competitive with Negotiation Security services
14/03/2023 European Union, represented by the European Commission Belgium-Brussels: Auditing services Service Contract Notice 65.000.000 EUR Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Near and Middle East, Overseas countries and territories , Latin America Countries, Europe apart from EU, EU Europe , North America Open Auditing services
15/04/2023 EU Delegation Switzerland 2nd pillar pension insurance Service Call for Tenders above 140.000 EUR Switzerland and  the Principality of Liechtenstein Open Pension and Insurance Service
24/03/2023 EU Delegation Kazakhstan Support to Civil Society in Kazakhstan Grant Call for Proposal NA Kazakhstan Call for Proposal Proposals for actions in Kazakhstan with financial assistance from the thematic programmes on “Human Rights and Democracy” and “Civil Society Organisations”
27/02/2023 EU Delegation China FWC Grounds maintenance service Service Ex-ante publicity of call for tender 60.000 - 140.000 EUR China NA maintenance service
28/02/2023 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Germany-Eschborn: Business development consultancy services Service Contract Notice above 140.000 EUR Multiple (Africa) Open Business development consultancy services
28/02/2023 EU Delegation Ukraine Provision of Language Training Services to EU Delegation Personnel Service Call for Tenders 60.000 - 140.000 EUR Ukraine Negotiated Procedure Language Training Services
31/07/2023 EU Delegation Bangladesh Portable PA System Supply RfI NA Bangladesh Negotiated procedure Supply of Items
11/11/1111 EU Delegation in the Republic of Senegal Effective communication on the partnership between the European Union and Senegal Service Prior information notice 2.000.000,00 EUR Senegal Planned call for tenders with OJ S publication Services assistance technique
11/11/1111 European Commission (FPI) - EUDEL Brasil EU Policy and Outreach Partnership in Argentina and Brazil Service Prior information notice 6.000.000,00 EUR Brasil/Argentina Planned call for tenders with OJ S publication Foreign affairs and other services
11/11/1111 EU Commission, INTP, EU Delegation Honduras Asistencia Técnica a las Medidas de Apoyo a la Cooperación en Honduras (AT MACH) Service Prior information notice 9.100.000,00 EUR Honduras Planned call for tenders with OJ S publication Servicios de consultoría comercial y en gestión
30/03/2023 EU Delegation Armenia PROPERTY PROSPECTING NOTICE Service RFQ NA Armenia Service Lease Agreement Lease Agreement
06/03/2023 EU Delegation Myanmar Four year Contract for Dedicated Fiber Internet Line for the EU Delegation to Myanmar Service Call for Tender NA Myanmar Negotiated Procedure dedicated fiber internet service
31/12/2023 EU Delegation Burundi Préavis d'information sur le lancement des appels d'offres par la Délégation de l'Union européenne auprès de la République du Burundi Service/Supply Prior information notice 14.000/140.000 EUR Burundi FWC appels d'offres/consultations de fournisseurs
27/03/2023 Enabel Belgium-Brussels: Environmental services Service Contract Notice NA Nigeria Open Procedure Environmental services
28/03/2023 EU Delegation UK Search for a residence to rent Lease Agreemnt Call of Expression of Interest NA London, OK Negotiated procedure The Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom is seeking to rent a property in London as a residence for its Ambassador
28/02/2023 EU Delegation Kyrgyz Republic Security services Service Ex-ante publicity and the invitation to express the interest 750.000 EUR Kyrgyz Republic FWC Secutity Service
23/03/2023 WHO ITB Procurement of Medical Equipment Supply Contract Notice NA Palestine NA ITB Procurement of Medical Equipment Jenin Hospital
21/02/2023 UNICEF Provision of Gym Equipment Supply Request for Quotation NA Afghanistan NA Supply of treadmill machines
17/03/2023 EU Commission Georgia Research and development consultancy services Service Contract Notice €\ 4,000,000.00 Georgia Restricted Advancing Reforms in the Justice Sector in Georgia
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Published: February 21, 2023

*Deadline dated 11/11/1111 refer to Open Calls Without a Deadline