Procurement Climate Council│2024

2nd Edition │ June 5, 16:00 – June 6, 16:00 │ Amsterdam

Procurement Climate Council – where collaboration drives transformative change. Connect with industry leaders, share experiences, and inspire sustainable practices. Explore global procurement challenges, engage with keynote speakers, and build lasting connections. Our mission, “Your Net Zero Journey,” promotes sustainability through partnerships. Event aimed at CPOs, Sustainability Leads, Procurement Excellence Leads, and similar roles. Join us, extend the invite, and let’s grow sustainably together at PCC 2024 with insightful workshops and networking.

JOIN US JUNE 5-6, 2024


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Vivianne Courte-Rathwell


Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA Amsterdam, NL

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Join us in Amsterdam

  • Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA
  • June 5, 16:00 – June 6, 16:00