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Cost Reduction Programs

Our cost reduction program delivers significant bottom-line impact through procurement savings for your entire organization. Previous projects have delivered annual costs savings of up to 30% and optimized the net working capital for our clients. In order to transform your procurement operations and reduce costs we offer the following three cost reduction programs: 

  1. Top Supplier Convention
  2. Strategic Sourcing
  3. Design to Cost

These programs are designed to take between 12-16 weeks, depending on your organizations’ needs. Our programs are developed to be flexible in order to accommodate a bespoke approach to align with your corporate procurement strategy and objectives.

Spend Matters

Organizations spend a significant share of their revenue through procurement, therefore cost reduction strategies can considerably increase your business margins and profitability. Our cost reduction program sets off with a thorough spend analysis and mapping to identify where substantial savings can be realized. Improving sourcing and procurement data through applying various spend analyses, including a complete supplier valuation ABC-analysis and slice and dice Spend Cube analysis. These analyses will improve the organization spend visibility and subsequently the procurement capability to act on hard data. In parallel with the analytical exercise, we are able to identifying various procurement opportunities and suggest viable sourcing alternatives. We transform your procurement spend and reduce cost in a strategic manner without impacting business operations. Furthermore, our consultants will support your organization through the entire journey, from category scoping to final negotiation.

“Increase profits, cut waste and boost spending efficiency.”

Cost Reduction through Digital Procurement

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are re-inventing the dynamics of procurement departments. These new digital procurement technologies provide major opportunities for procurement visibility and insights. Consequently, we can effectively approach cost avoidance & cost reduction in your organization. We have several digital procurement technology partners that provide best-of-breed solutions for your procurement team. Our multidisciplinary procurement and technology experts help design, build, tailor and implement these solution in your organization.

Cost Reduction through Responsible Procurement

Cost reduction in relation to responsible sourcing and procurement methods is often perceived as a trade-off. We believe the contrary is true in the present business environment. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices are nowadays more often than not taking into consideration by investors, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, and customers. Through your external supplier spend, procurement contributes significantly to your organization ESG. In our cost reduction program, we review the effects of the sourcing and procurement decision based on ESG metrics. Ensuring your procurement team has all the information available to make a balanced decision based on multiple factors.

Bringing Procurement Expertise to your Industry

We provide procurement and sourcing expertise to private and public sector organizations to improve the sourcing and procurement strategy. Our consultants are skilled procurement and supply chain specialists, with the drive and experience to bolster change within your industry and business. Our team works together with you and industry experts to provide the tools, experience, and guidance to build a world-class procurement organization and deliver tangible results. Through working with an array of industry experts, we ensure the required knowledge is present to capably drive procurement transformations in any organization and shape the procurement strategy tailored to your market, environment, industry trends and most importantly your company.