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Digital Procurement

In navigating today’s digital landscape, every facet of your business plays a crucial role in the overarching digital strategy. We focus on making your organization’s procurement function equipped for the digital revolution and future success by facilitating its digital transformation. But what exactly is digital procurement transformation? It involves reshaping and optimizing the traditional processes to align with the demands of the digital era. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning are re-inventing the dynamics of procurement departments. We aim to digitally accelerate our clients procurement operations to enhance their operating model and facilitate their procurement transformations in category management, innovation, procurement strategy, cost reduction, sustainability, SRM, and more. We apply cloud-based digital tools and software technologies to manage global procurement strategies and strengthen Sourcing Strategy – to – Contract (S2C) and Purchase – to – Pay (P2P) decisions in your company. We do so through our well-established partnerships with AI-powered & SaaS-based procurement platform providers. Our objective is to integrate digital procurement & sourcing capabilities in combination with powerful data driven business intelligence insights into your procurement organization and shape your company’s competitive advantage.

Our source-to-contract (S2C) together with our purchase-to-pay (P2P) approach aim to encompass all strategic phases of procurement. With growing digitalisation and metadata usage, we provide company-wide management tools to cover the entire S2C and P2P lifecycles, to transform your procurement processes into digital-supported competitive  solutions.

Digital Procurement Transformation

To keep up with future competition and emerging trends, companies should invest in digital solutions now, incorporating a strong digital procurement strategy. The key to success in the digital revolution is to act quickly and efficiently. We have noticed that many companies are currently going through their digital transformation to become digital leaders, by the successful integration of big data analytics, AI-powered procurement software solutions and digital innovations. With organizations frequently spending the majority of their revenue on procurement, digital procurement transformations should be prioritised in your company’s digital roadmap. 

To bring your company’s digital procurement strategy to life, we conduct a full digital transformation and change management plan. To do so, we have well-established partnership agreements with carefully selected procurement-focused digital software providers. Integrated in our procurement transformation program, we will share our in-depth knowledge of the available digital procurement solutions on the market that will be best suited for your organization.

The procurement transformation approach fully embraces new digital capabilities and innovative technologies that will realize procurement excellence standards in your procurement strategy and operations. Furthermore, our team of procurement consultants is equipped and certified to independently pilot and roll-out various digital procurement solutions in your organization. Our broad expertise will ensure your procurement transformation is supported by world-class procurement software.

“Don’t follow the future, be the future.”

Digital Procurement Program

To enable a full digital procurement & sourcing environment in your supply chain, we consult on digital transformation programs to help your company get the maximum value out of digitalisation. We form your independent advisor in digitalisation.

Technology and digital trends are continuously evolving and exerting pressure on procurement teams and management. Companies are tasked to keep up and grow along with external digital innovations to effectively manage their procurement operations and outperform competitors. With ever-rising competition, merely keeping up with technological trends does not suffice. Therefore, we help our clients to review the digital procurement tools and solutions available in the market and tailor them to client specifications.

Smart digital procurement software supporting big data analytics and process automation form the foundation for business flexibility and agility. Through automated processes your company can gather powerful insights and communicate procurement data across stakeholder executives, guaranteeing transparent and stronger collaboration. The gained transparency and procurement visibility, strengthens your business continuity and resilience.

Our boutique consultancy is focused on transforming procurement operations in a user-friendly digital environment. In order to tackle multi-level supply chain activities, we work closely with digital procurement experts. There are three core elements needed to successfully integrate digital solutions in our clients procurement strategy.

Digital Partner

We form partnerships with multiple digital software providers in order to compliment specific procurement transformations successfully and bring procurement excellence to your organization. We ensure all our partnerships focus on enhancing sourcing and procurement capabilities, to contribute to your procurement strategies’ unique competitive advantage. Our partnerships combine procurement expertise with digital procurement platforms to ensure the necessary knowledge is available to bring your procurement startegy to the next level.

Digital Implementation

We help our clients to use, manage and understand our partnered digital procurement solutions. We support the full implementation and integration of the digital tools in your organization. For companies to receive high-impact results over the long-run, we need to ensure that their procurement strategy is able to flow with continuous technological and environmental trends. we collaborate with your procurement team to rollout the digital solutions, integrate company data, enhance stakeholder engagement and align company strategies to operations successfully.

Digital Service

We provide consulting services in combination with our technology deliverables, to advance procurement and sourcing strategies ahead of competitors. Through the knowledge we build in various industries and direct & indirect categories, we are able to advice your organization on the optimal implementation of various digital procurement systems. We set clear targets and identify opportunities for digital value creation. To reach your organizations’ targets, we ensure digital procurement strategies are translated into actionable digital procurement transformations. Simultaneously, we turn time-consuming tasks in simple solutions so companies can focus on key company priorities.


Digital Procurement Transformation Benefits

Transforming your company’s procurement operations to a fully digital environment can be time-consuming, difficult and costly. However, our consulting experts ensure that the high-tech solutions generate fast-paces and long-term benefits that elevate your company. Some benefits digital procurement transformations provide are:

  • Automated tasks: Many time-consuming tasks and operations can be turned into simple and quick daily practices.
  • Time efficiency: Automated tasks improve company productivity, assuring more time and resources are left for more complex and important business operations. Furthermore, automation ensures less human errors are made and enhances on-time product and service deliveries.
  • Significant ROI: While AI-solutions can be costly, a lot of expenses can be saved due to greater efficiency.
  • Spend visibility: Digital procurement gives greater sourcing insight and visibility into business practices.
  • Collaborative sourcing: Visibility allow for greater stakeholder collaboration and supplier relationship management due to improved digital communication platforms and continuous digital workflows.
  • Improved decision making: Technology platforms integrate company data and provide more transparency and visibility within procurement practices, allowing for better and quicker decision-making procedures.
  • Greater agility: Operations that adopt a digital transformation can quickly make changes that will be distributed to all important areas in the system, ensuring up-to-date information processing.

Digital Procurement Trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital procurement, several trends are shaping the future of how organizations manage their procurement processes. One prominent trend is the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. These innovations empower procurement professionals with predictive analytics, enhancing decision-making and risk management. Cloud-based solutions are gaining momentum, providing flexibility, scalability, and accessibility for procurement teams to streamline operations and collaborate more effectively. Additionally, sustainability and ethical sourcing are becoming central concerns, driving the adoption of digital tools that assess and ensure the environmental and social impact of the supply chain. Blockchain technology is emerging as a game-changer, offering transparency and security in procurement transactions. As organizations continue to prioritize digital transformation, these trends are indicative of a dynamic and technology-driven future for the procurement landscape.