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Strengthen your Procurement with Sourcing Champions Managed Services on Demand

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Maximize Your Procurement Function with Sourcing Champions’ Managed Procurement Services support

Our Managed Procurement Services are thoughtfully designed to help organizations overcome common procurement challenges related to people, strategy, processes, and technology. We support your procurement operations by offering:

  • Resource Capacity Extension: Matching resources and capabilities to the peaks and troughs in procurement activities on your sourcing programs.
  • Speed and Impact: Early access to benchmarks and best practices that drive bottom-line improvements.
  • Procurement Excellence support related to processes and digitalization: Access to our procurement excellence team for processes excellence work, procurement tech expertise and support or hyper care, which can be costly to build up in-house.
  • Implementation: Expert support for the introduction of new procurement processes to ensure lasting benefits.


Are you a mid-large sized organization facing the challenges of modern procurement head-on? Finding the right talent, allocating resources, and delivering top-notch service can be a daunting task for CPOs. Fortunately, Sourcing Champions has the solution you need. Our Managed Procurement Services grant your organization access to interim resources with our wealth of expertise, knowledge, and specialist delivery capabilities. Benefits of Sourcing Champions’ Managed Procurement Services:
  • Immediate Access: Speed up procurement’s impact with immediate access to top-tier procurement capabilities.
  • Industry Insights: Benefit from insights gleaned from our extensive network of clients, who collectively spend billions of dollars annually.
  • Resource Optimization: Focus your internal resources where they can deliver maximum value.
  • Incentivized DeliveryOur approach links success to outcomes, ensuring your organization sees tangible results.



Our Approach:

Sourcing Champions takes full accountability for a set of activities and targets, delivering them as a service with defined outcomes and performance metrics. This allows your organization to concentrate on core activities while still benefiting from working with specialists in their respective fields. Our approach encompasses:

  • Agreement for Managed Scope: Clear definitions of scope, targets, and incentive models to align with your objectives.
  • Online & Onsite Team Deployment: Flexible online/ onsite teams, operational support, and specialist assistance to address your unique challenges.
  • Flexible Capabilities: Tailored solutions to tackle diverse procurement challenges related to categories or skills.
  • Dynamic Service Management: Use of cutting-edge technology and governance tools to ensure efficient, goal-oriented operations.

Strengthen your Procurement with Sourcing Champions Managed Services on Demand

Sourcing Champions’ Managed Procurement Services:

Flexible and Affordable

  • Category Strategy & Management as a Service
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Sourcing as a Service
  • Auctions as a Service
  • Contracting as a Service
  • Supplier management as a Service
  • Risk management as a Service
  • Sustainability as a Service
  • Procurement Performance Management as a Service
  • Procurement Excellence as a Service
  • Procuretech as a Service
Don’t let procurement challenges hold your organization back. Contact Sourcing Champions today to learn more about our Managed Procurement Services and how they can elevate your procurement to the next level. Unlock your procurement potential and boost your bottom line.