Performance Management

Are you looking for new ways to navigate the ever-increasing turbulent markets and counter the current price hikes? Explore our one-of-a-kind Performance Management Program to help you achieve just that (and even more).

Performance Management Program for Procurement

Procurement consulting meets performance management cloud-software for exceptional results.

How It Works

Market disruptions won’t seem to stop. Re-Globalisation, Digitalisation, Sustainability, CO2 reduction, price increases, inflation, risk management, Supply Chain Act, supply bottlenecks — the pressure is ever increasing. Therefore, traditional price negotiations are no longer sufficient to achieve the required value contributions.

That’s why Sourcing Champions and Valuedesk combined their unique strengths to create the Performance Management Program. You’ll get access to best-in-class procurement consultancy and analytics, as well as a unique all-in-one performance management cloud-software in a single, optimized package. Get critical procurement insights, enable the systematic generation and realization of new performance ideas, achieve global real-time collaboration and keep track of your financial KPIs — all from within the Valuedesk cloud-solution.

Actionable procurement analytics

The basis of our Performance Management Program is procurement data, which we use to deliver actionable analytics on your spend, CO2 and risks that empower data-driven decision-making. We provide global spend visibility showing information by category, location, supplier, item-level, etc. to boost strategic decision-making, drive efficiencies and generate savings opportunities.

Improved relations to key suppliers

We will organize supplier days for you. The goal of this proven event format is to improve the relationship with key suppliers, increase their engagement and generate value adding initiatives collaboratively, that are aligned with your company’s strategy.

Hands-on opportunity assessment and methods database

In addition to procurement analyses and improved supplier relations, we perform strategic lever workshops tailored to the most relevant categories and departments. Here we will uncover further opportunities in categories such as cost reduction, risk management, innovation and sustainability.

Example opportunities include performing RFI/RFPs, introducing low-cost country suppliers, performing should cost-analyses or open book calculations, introducing e-tools to improve a process, changing product specifications, among many others.

Additionally, you will gain access to a database of over 130 best-practice optimization methods, to find new potential ideas for more value added.

Tailor-made strategy definition and performance initiatives

Learnings from analyses and opportunity assessments are used to define highly-customized value contribution targets, strategic options and strategic objectives for your procurement strategy. Furthermore, these strategic objectives are translated into concrete performance initiatives to assure maximum guidance for the implementation of your Performance Management Program.

Guided implementation of initiatives & savings tracking

Once all opportunities are identified and linked to a monetary, CO2 or other measurable potential, we prioritize and translate them into tangible initiatives and tasks that can be implemented and tracked globally via the Valuedesk cloud-solution software. Our systematic approach to potential identification and implementation is the strong foundation for your improved performance year after year.

Collaborate easily and safely with all internal and external stakeholders on a easy to use platform. Additionally, your company has access to instant reporting on the status of all initiatives and Savings / CO2 Tracking. Get a complete overview of your performance versus plan in seconds.

Change management, PMO & coaching

Performance Management is an ambitious transformational program, where change management will be key to success. Our expert PMO team facilitates this transformation with just the right amount of communication, training, governance, onboarding, hands-on support and coaching to drive maximum adoption and value creation.

The planning and execution of the program entails weekly progress sessions, management reports, Q&A sessions, and cross-functional alignment as well as coaching and mentoring sessions. Clear reporting structures and a robust governance model — including top management buy in — guarantee the success of your program.

Ready to start in just 6 weeks

Get ready now to hit the ground running. Let’s develop a timetable to take your performance and savings processes to the next level as quickly as possible.

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Discover your new value operation system

Valuedesk is the only all-in-one solution for company-wide financial performance management in the cloud.

Key features of Valuedesk’s software solution

  • Methods Explorer (MEx): Find new ideas for savings measures in the database of over 130 best-practice optimization methods and start with predefined action items.
  • Process overview: Always keep track of your savings measures – including savings potentials, responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Live-Reporting: Evaluate your progress and successes per company, product group and business year with just one click and present meaningful and convincing charts.


Unleash your untapped potential

From initial idea to measurable financial effect — the Valuedesk software solution offers you exactly the functions you and your team need to implement the right savings measures quickly, easily and safely in an agile working environment. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues from other departments and even suppliers to make the most of your bottom-line performance.