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Procurement Strategy

Procurement operations can account for up to 70% of your costs and have a direct impact on your income statement. With procurement affecting both your top and bottom line, it is of importance to implement procurement strategies and approaches that can deliver direct value to your company and customers. We help your company develop a world-class procurement strategy that builds procurement excellence for a sustainable future. The further alignment of procurement strategies with corporate-level business strategies is vital. Our consultants are experts in translating your corporate business objectives into ambitious procurement strategies to ensure cross-functional alignment between all levels of your organization. We are a boutique strategy consultancy firm committed to sourcing & procurement value creation. We collaborate closely with your team to augment procurement knowledge and ensure enterprise-wide value creating procurement strategies. 

Strategies are company unique approaches to deliver value to your customers. We deliver a tailor made strategy program to strengthen your company specific capabilities and develop high impact procurement strategies based on deep supply market insights. Together we drive bottom line results and top line growth.  

Strategy is where it all starts in Sourcing & Procurement: “the way in which a business, government, or other organization carefully plans its actions over a period of time to improve its position and achieve what it wants“.

Procurement Strategy Consulting

Formulating and establishing a procurement strategy that aligns your organizations capabilities and corporate business objectives is usually a challenging yet greatly rewarding exercise. Our procurement strategy program helps define a tailored procurement strategy aligned with your corporate strategic objectives. The procurement strategy will leverage your category spend, supplier relationships, and internal organization capabilities. 

Procurement categories are generally divided between indirect and direct goods and services. Communicating and collaborating across category stakeholders is essential to deliver valuable results and work towards a common goal. We support your organization to improve performance across their procurement categories and identify opportunities for value creation. We also help pinpoint areas where significant cost reductions can be realized and where procurement risks can be mitigated. Our breadth of procurement strategy expertise, proprietary tools, and experience make us uniquely suited to advise clients on procurement strategy formulation and execution. 

Our consultants can serve as a key member directly in your team or as an external coach to support the procurement organization. Our experience in procurement strategy development can kick-start ideas and provide your leadership team with powerful insights and the latest procurement best practices. Through our collaboration, we are driven to deliver a successful strategy statement containing meaningful strategic objectives for your organization. 

“We develop a world-class procurement strategy that builds procurement excellence for a sustainable future.”

Procurement Strategy Development to Delivery

The large number of approaches and different methods that can be applied to your organizations’ procurement strategy means we go to multiple cycles of iterations to ensure an optimal outcome. Well-known strategies are spend consolidation, standardization, category management, in/outsourcing and supplier relationship management.
Resources and time are often scarce and need to be managed efficiently. We help clients design more effective strategic procurement planning and budgeting so that they can allocate the right resources accordingly. We translate procurement strategies into valuable outcomes and make procurement an engine of sustainable growth and long-term corporate value creation. We set the right procurement strategy to deliver first class supply chain operations through digital transformations, cost savings and risk mitigation.

To deliver tangible results your procurement team must hold a common vision and strategy, driven by real-life procurement data and company performance. Strategies are more than a roadmap, but affect deep-rooted operations and processes. Procurement Strategies drive high-impact transformations in procurement and supply chains. Change management is a critical element of procurement strategy development and procurement transformation. We cover your procurement strategy development to delivery and form your executive advisors to turn your procurement organization into a real competitive advantage.

Procurement Strategy Development in the Digital Era

Procurement strategies are under increasing pressure to deliver quality to customers, ensure sustainable alternatives and drive digital growth, all while keeping costs low. We deliver a pragmatic and execution-orientated approach towards a unique strategy development, to ensure your company can excel on all procurement activities and scopes. We encourage internal collaborations between your procurement team to develop an effective procurement strategy that boosts business development. Strategies are the source of your transformation.

We ensure organization-wide strategic alignment between your procurement strategy and corporate-level business strategy to generate bottom line results and reduce supply chain risks. With increasing focus on innovation, companies need to develop procurement strategies with a long-term focus and for a sustainable future. Through strategic planning, companies set a roadmap based on the cross-functional alignment of their business strategy. We develop your procurement strategy framework with a focal point on next-generation innovations and best-of-breed software solutions to turn your organisation future-proof. Find out how your procurement operations can drive sustainable and digital change in your company to improve your environmental footprint and generate innovative solutions.

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