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Sourcing Champions craft procurement strategies that align with your organizational goals. Teaming up with digital partners, we optimize operations, navigate vendor complexities, and employ AI for strategic analytics, ensuring future-ready solutions in procurement strategy.

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Boost your Procurement Strategy

A Procurement Strategy is designed to give your business a boost.  Procurement’s potential to represent up to 70% of your costs and directly impact your income statement underscores the critical importance of a robust procurement strategy. On a broader scale, procurement can also impact areas such as innovationsustainability, and risk, particularly in relation to the supply base. With procurement affecting both your top and bottom line, it is important to implement procurement strategies and approaches that maximize the direct value to your company and customers. We help your company develop a world-class strategy that builds procurement excellence for a sustainable future. Acknowledging the significance of aligning procurement with corporate-level business strategies, our consultants bring their expertise to translate your top-level business objectives into actionable procurement strategies effectively. This ensures a seamless cross-functional alignment across all organizational levels. We are a boutique strategy consultancy firm committed to sourcing & procurement value creation. Sourcing Champions collaborate closely with your team to augment procurement knowledge and build enterprise-wide value-creating procurement strategies.

Our procurement strategy consulting services focus on developing strategies that align with your unique business roadmap, delivering customer value through a tailored approach. We leverage deep supply market insights to drive bottom-line results and top-line growth, providing comprehensive procurement strategy consulting for sustainable success.

Adressing Global Challenges Through Procurement Strategy

In the ever-changing competitive environment, procurement is continuously faced with complex challenges such as inflation, digitalization, sustainability, and CO2 reduction, risk mitigation, deglobalization, and many more. The decreasing ability of traditional procurement to attain necessary value contribution is creating the need for innovation and strategic transformation. At Sourcing Champions, we view procurement strategy as a source of competitive advantage in this challenging environment.

In order to tackle the complex task of procurement strategy creation we employ the 15M Architecture approach. Developed by professor Dr. Gerhard Hess, 15M Architecture is a holistic, modular approach to formulation and implementation of procurement strategies. We combine our practical expertise with 15M structural approach to deliver top-level strategic roadmap for your procurement function, encompassing both direct and indirect procurement strategies.

Tackling strategy creation through a systematic approach allows us to revise the existing strategic capabilities of your procurement function and direct your procurement strategy toward the future. This way of strategy formulation allows us to integrate smart tools and digital solutions into your strategic alignment and enables your procurement function to drive quality, speed, innovation and sustainability of your organization alongside to the strategic cost optimization. This is how we transform your procurement into a competitive advantage and build the foundation for a sustainable future.

“We develop a world-class holistic procurement strategy that builds procurement excellence for a sustainable future.”

Our Approach to Procurement Strategy

Formulating and implementing a procurement strategy that aligns your organization’s capabilities and corporate business objectives is a challenging yet greatly rewarding exercise. Our procurement strategy program helps define a tailored procurement strategy aligned with your corporate strategic objectives. Such procurement strategy will leverage your category spendsupplier relationships, and internal organizational capabilities.

We tackle procurement strategy formulation through the Procurement Framework Strategy approach developed by professor Dr. Gerhard Hess. This approach entails four focal steps:

  1. Definition of Value Contribution Targets
  2. Formulation of Procurement Guidelines
  3. Execution of strategic analyses
  4. Formulation of Strategic Direction

This method allows us to clarify the objectives of the management and other vital stakeholders, understand the current state of the procurement function as well as the market environment, and concretize the procurement strategy and prepare it for implementation. Our breadth of procurement expertise, proprietary tools, and experience make us uniquely suited to advise clients across different industries on formulation and execution of value-maximizing procurement strategies.

Our consultants can act as an external coach, supporting and advising your procurement function, or bring the expertise by directly serving as a member in your team. Sourcing Champions’ experience in procurement strategy development allows us to kick-start ideas and introduce your leadership team to the latest procurement best practices. Through our collaboration, we are driven to deliver a successful strategy statement containing a value-focused strategic direction for your organization.

Procurement Strategy Development in the Digital Era

Similarly to other business areas, the practice of sourcing and procurement has been undergoing a transformation due to rapid technological developments. While stakeholder relationship management remains at the forefront of procurement, it is becoming increasingly important to establish a process structure that delivers timely and cost-efficient results by employing smart digital solutions. Together, we focus on cost reduction strategies in procurement based on Value Contribution Targets specific to your company.

Based on these value-delivery objectives, we propose a software-implementation plan to integrate best-of-breed software solutions into your sourcing & procurement function, ensuring a cost-effective procurement strategy. Sourcing Champions have partnered with next-generation digital solution providers to maximize value creation and turn your organization future-proof. bring our procurement strategy program to the next level and enable us to transform your Procurement Strategy and your Category Strategies into the Digital Age.

Procurement strategy is where the journey to excellence begins; however, digital solutions are what sustain success. What differentiates Sourcing Champions as a procurement consultancy is our efforts to not only create a strategic roadmap but also help implement it while integrating state-of-the-art technologies into your procurement function. Discover how your procurement can drive sustainable change for the future while delivering quick results at minimal costs through a cost-reduction procurement strategy.

Procurement Negotiation Strategies

In the complex landscape of procurement, effective negotiation strategies are paramount for organizations striving to secure favorable deals and foster sustainable supplier relationships. At Sourcing Champions, our procurement strategy consulting extends to honing procurement negotiation strategies that align with your organizational goals. We understand that negotiation is an art, and our collaborative approach is designed to empower your team with the skills needed to navigate vendor interactions successfully. By leveraging our expertise in negotiation strategies in procurement, we offer guidance that goes beyond traditional consulting, fostering an environment where your team can enhance their capabilities and drive impactful outcomes. Sourcing Champions stands ready to support your organization in developing and implementing effective procurement negotiation strategies that contribute to long-term success.

Procurement Strategies in IT

Crafting effective procurement strategies in the realm of Information Technology (IT) is essential for organizations seeking to optimize their technology investments. An IT procurement strategy goes beyond the mere acquisition of goods and services; it encompasses a holistic approach to sourcing, vendor management, and cost optimization. At Sourcing Champions, our expertise extends to developing robust IT procurement category strategies that align with your organizational objectives. Working alongside our digital partners, we offer comprehensive digital solutions designed to optimize procurement operations. Whether it’s navigating complex vendor landscapes, engaging in timely risk management, or leveraging AI for strategy creation and analytics, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of IT procurement. We collaborate closely with your organization to tailor strategies that not only address current needs but also lay the groundwork for future IT advancements.