Procurement Transformation

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Procurement Transformation

We champion procurement transformation programs in your company to enhance the procurement organization and operating model to best in class. The procurement transformation program is geared to align your procurement strategy and corporate business objectives, simultaneously elevating the procurement function and driving capability development of your procurement team.

We partner with our client to develop their procurement strategy through an effective methodology and applying industry best practices. Change management is a critical element of the entire procurement transformation program, we ensure cross-functional alignment between all levels of your organizations. We promote direct communication and close collaboration with your procurement team, in order to transform knowledge and shape a procurement organization that creates real enterprise-wide value.

Procurement Transformation Program

The role of procurement is continuously evolving, organizations globally are expecting procurement teams to contribute to corporate growth and deliver long term procurement gains. We help clients re-envision the ideal procurement organization structure and strategy, with the aim to transform procurement into a real competitive advantage. Together with our client, we develop a strategy that includes comprehensive yet attainable strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives. The procurement transformation program, covers all spend categories and procurement levers to integrate on a strategic level and deliver sustainable business results.

Digital Procurement Transformation

We have well-established partnership agreements with carefully selected procurement focused digital solution providers. Integrated in our procurement transformation program, we will share our in-depth knowledge of the available digital procurement solutions on the market that will be best suited for your organization. The procurement transformation approach fully embraces new digital capabilities and innovative technologies that will realize procurement excellence standards in your procurement strategy and operations. Furthermore, our team of procurement consultants is equipped and certified to independently pilot and roll-out various digital procurement solutions in your organization. Our broad expertise will ensure that your procurement transformation is supported by world-class procurement software.

Operating model

Aligned with our procurement transformation program we build a comprehensive procurement operating model, inclusive of processes and capabilities, that support a full procurement transformation. The procurement transformation program can support to address existing challenges, target inefficiencies, and completely rethink the procurement function. In our experience, procurement transformation programs that are targeted to improve a single outcome are rarely effective. In our collaboration with clients we noticed that organizations that attempt to achieve procurement improvements through holistic procurement transformation approach typically realize better overall improvement in their procurement performance.

“We fully embrace new digital capabilities and innovative technologies to realize first-class standards in your procurement strategy and operations.”

Procurement Leadership

To ensure best-in-class procurement in your organization, we apply the following building blocks as part of our operating model design:

Our procurement transformation philosophy relies on procurement leadership in all levels of your organization. During the transformation program we develop capabilities and transfer know-how to the procurement leaders in global, regional and country procurement teams. The following quote from John P. Kotter expresses our vision completely:

“Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there: they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else sacrifice to get there”

Developing procurement leadership and building organization-wide procurement capabilities is ingrained in us and our procurement transformation programs.

Procurement Transformation & Change Management

Change management is a critical element of the procurement organization transformation, to develop a high-performance procurement organization in the allocated time and set budget. The real challenge of procurement transformation is the implementation phase, translating the designed strategies into actionable business wins. Therefore, our procurement consultant support your organizations throughout the procurement transformation journey. To be able to meet these expectations we collaborate jointly with your team, transforming the procurement organization capability and creating tangible value. We manage the change in your procurement organization professionally with the following eight step change management roadmap defined by John P. Kotter to align leaders and drive behaviors:

  1. Create a sense of urgency
  2. Form the guiding team
  3. Communicate for buy-in
  4. Develop the vision & strategy
  5. Empower others to act
  6. Produce short-term wins
  7. Plan more change
  8. Create a new culture

Transforming the legacy procurement processes, practices and structures in your organization requires governance, communication and flexibility from the procurement team and related stakeholders.