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Strategic Sourcing

Your procurement organizations can improve the final product or service and in parallel generate reoccurring savings through a world-class strategic sourcing program. We help our clients develop a sourcing strategy that combines both these benefits and collaborate to effectively execute the strategy. Successfully implementing strategic sourcing requires a detailed spend analyses, supplier evaluations, supplier relationship management and comprehensive market insights. Our consultants are experts in these fields and have in-depth experience in a broad range of direct & indirect categories covering a multitude of industries & sectors. The strategic sourcing program ensures your strategic sourcing & procurement operations align to your overall organization strategy and objectives. Furthermore, the strategic sourcing program includes global sourcing and project sourcing initiatives, ensuring an optimized supplier network for your organization most pressing needs. Through our strategic sourcing program, we turn your supplier capabilities into value for your end-customer, ultimately improving your business competitive advantage.

Establishing the right sourcing strategy is an important business practice to deliver a valuable product or service to your final customers. In addition, procurement and consequently sourcing has a direct impact on both cash flow and EBITA through your organization’s external spend. The sourcing strategy adopted by your organization is therefore a considerable contributor to the overall companies’ performance.

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Strategic Sourcing Program

Our strategic sourcing program will help you achieve savings and added-value to your product or service, and together we ensure that the potential of every dollar spend by procurement is maximized. We apply leading strategic sourcing methods to determine your optimal supply base on an granular category, sub-category, or itemized level. In collaboration with your procurement team, we review the results and select the core focus areas where the most value can be captured. Our consulting experts have a comprehensive understanding of various direct & in-direct categories in multiple business sectors, being able to identify valuable strategic sourcing opportunities for your organization. We help your organization through the entire strategic sourcing process taking into consideration the analysis & scoping workshops, define & manage workstreams, setup governance model, and introduce a clear project management organization (PMO) structure.

Moreover, we will collaborate with your procurement team to execute the end-to-end tendering (RFX, RFI, RFP) process, prepare & achieve win-win negotiations, and contract finalization up to signature. We leverage strategic sourcing best practices to establish long-term partnership with suitable suppliers, optimize sourcing investments and gain sustainable savings for your organizations. Our strategic sourcing program is flexible and tailored to accommodate your organization’s needs. We help your business advance on new sourcing opportunities, book procurement savings, and ensure a lasting positive bottom-line impact.

“Establishing the right sourcing strategy is an important business practice to deliver a valuable product or service to your final customers.”

Digital Transformation Sourcing

Digital Transformation is today at the top of the strategic agenda. Companies invest hundreds of million euro’s on their digital transformation, yet often lack a robust and professional procurement process. This can lead to greater risk, longer “time to market” with solutions and significant higher costs than necessary. Software companies i.e  have a very effective approach for their sales leaders to get close to decision makers in IT departments to develop and win large value contracts without even having to go through a proper RFP process.

We help CIO’s /CDO’s to get their procurement in IT under control and get maximum value for the digital transformation.

Unique Procurement Program for Digital Transformations

  • We support CIO’s and CDO’s on their digital transformation programs with our Procurement Power and PMO.
  • We create a sourcing strategy based on your business requirements.
  • We source the software, hardware & corresponding implementation partner.
  • We run RFI’s and RFP’s to select the right software, hardware and implementation partner.
  • We negotiate and contract all digital solutions.

Our Achievements

  • We achieve full transparency and top-management governance on the procurement process.
  • We create strong cross-functional teams between IT and procurement.
  • We ensure a professional, competitive and objective tender process to select the right partners.
  • We perform large tenders within 12-16 weeks.
  • We achieve significant multi-million euro cost-reductions through our proven approach.
  • We have been given very high satisfaction ratings, by both our clients and suppliers.

Global and Project Sourcing

Our strategic sourcing program incorporates project and global sourcing, however both are also offered as independent procurement consulting programs. Our consultants have experience and expertise in a broad range of direct & indirect categories covering a multitude of industries & sectors.

Global Sourcing

The global sourcing program is focused on securing materials or services your organization requires on the short- and long-term. We provide support in establishing a network of alternative sources to compliment your current supply base. Through competitive global sourcing we are able to mitigate material shortages and/or introduce partnership with suppliers in cost-effective countries. Global sourcing allows your company to source high quality resources, skills, and knowledge for the most competitive price. Our consultants analyze your requirements and assess the global supplier market to determine which opportunities are worth exploring. For the selected opportunities, we will build a potential supplier network and lead the initial procurement processes in collaboration with your procurement team. Our ambition is to establish long-lasting supplier partnerships to build a sustainable future for your organization.

Project Sourcing

The project sourcing program is aimed to assist your organization in the sourcing and procurement process of materials or services, allowing your procurement department to focus on their core deliverables. Project sourcing is a flexible approach for your organization to benefit from external procurement experts and category specialists who have in-depth sourcing knowledge and skills to compliment your procurement team. The increased flexibility allows for your organization to act rapidly and accurately on changing circumstances in your procurement environment. We help your organization explore opportunities, identify & capitalize on low-hanging fruit, propose bold-moves, and through collaboration with your procurement team transfer our know-how.

Strategic Sourcing Opportunities

We work with you to elevate your procurement function through successfully reducing spend, supporting innovation sourcing, and mitigating supply chain risks. Our strategic sourcing program strongly interconnects with the following three related procurement consulting services.

Cost Reduction

Competitive sourcing is a widely accepted procurement process to identify and gain price improvements. Our strategic sourcing program, consists of multiple cost reduction strategies. An important practice is our top supplier convention, which has the potential to reduce annual purchase cost of up to 30% for your organization. We align your top management and the suppliers top management visions and strategies to identify the best sourcing opportunities for your organization.

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Innovation Sourcing

Innovation & strategic sourcing are evidently connected and there are powerful synergies to explore. Procurement is the liaison and promotor in your organization for external supplier ideas, and therefore a key contributor to innovation. Innovation & strategic sourcing aims to integrate supplier capabilities and resources in your organization, to further improve your organizations’ competitive advantage. Both our programs help facilitate collaboration between internal procurement teams and suppliers to encourage the adaptation of innovative capabilities, processes and procedures

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Risk Management

Strategic sourcing & risk management are closely related fields in the procurement discipline. The mitigation of supply chain risks ensures your organizations’ business continuity. Our strategic sourcing program helps to build a network of long-term partnerships between your organizations and the supply base. Your organization can mitigate risk and increase the supply chain resilience through strategic sourcing. Our procurement risk management and strategic sourcing programs jointly help your organization to achieve a geographically diversified supply base, mitigate supply chain disruption, and various other risk management practices.

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