Promena & Sourcing Champions Bi-Annual Meet-Up

11 Oct, 2023

In an exciting behind-the-scenes collaboration, Sourcing Champions joined hands with Promena for an insightful interview. The discussion touched upon various intriguing topics, offering a glimpse into the future of procurement.

Thriving Partnership: Sourcing Champions had the pleasure of hosting Promena in Amsterdam, and the encounter was unforgettable. We engaged in in-depth discussions about their thriving partnership. The future looks incredibly promising as we align their goals and strategies.

Effortless Transition to E-Sourcing: Among the key subjects explored was the seamless transition to e-sourcing tools with managed services. This segment highlighted how adopting such tools can be an effortless journey for companies, offering them a competitive edge in the digital procurement landscape.

Peek into Joint Services:  The knowledge shared during this conversation will undoubtedly shape the path forward for many in the procurement world. Stay tuned for the full interview, which promises to be a treasure trove of insights.

The memorable visit was rounded off with a delectable dinner that celebrated shared vision and values. The atmosphere was exceptional, creating memories to be cherished forever.

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