Source-2-Pay Procurement Transformation Workshop

S2P Workshop

We had an incredible afternoon in Amsterdam at the S2P Transformation workshop, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our partner, Ivalua

A huge thank you to everyone who attended – your active participation was key to the success of the event. We truly value your engagement and valuable contributions throughout the day.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions with industry experts, benefiting from an inspiring presentation by Willem Vermeulen, CPO at Tata Steel Europe, who shed light on crucial CPO Challenges. The importance of connecting category strategies to organizational strategies was highlighted as crucial for success in today’s dynamic landscape.

Robert Waalder and Sabrina Hueren of Sourcing Champions led an engaging session on Procurement Transformation, where participants discovered how holistic procurement practices pave the way to excellence. They even had the chance to conduct a small assessment of their own organization, further enhancing their understanding.

A special thanks to Simone Smits from Ivalua for showcasing the latest advancements in AI and S2P Digitalization. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore innovative solutions driving procurement forward.

Stay tuned for future events as we continue driving positive change in procurement together! 💼🌎


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