Sourcing Champions supports a sustainable procurement future

23 Nov, 2021

The urgency and pressure for companies to focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is unquestionable and comes from all stakeholders.

There is no need for us to explain the ‚why’ anymore, it has rather become a question of how fast companies are able to align their business activities with sustainable procurement strategies.

Therefore, Sourcing Champions has committed to the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) and lives the values by embedding sustainable procurement practices into our programs. We work with our clients to establish impactful responsible sourcing strategies and objectives. We then further identify the relevant procurement sustainability themes in their specific categories and industries. As Sustainability Ambassadors we promote the implementation of sustainable procurement practices through our new sustainable program to subsequently future-proof businesses.

We attend online SPP conferences, where we connect with fellow ambassadors and have valuable dialogues on how to establish and fund sustainable procurement projects. We have developed our sustainable procurement program to ensure a better future through social and environmentally responsible procurement practices.

Our program follows a sequential-step approach to analyze environmental footprints, identify key responsibilities and define and align sustainable strategies, in order to transform business practices into responsible solutions. To support our program and our consulting experts, we partner with sustainable AI-software solutions that help bring transparency and environmental visibility in our clients supply chain. Together, we develop a full Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) report which allows to convert environmental footprints in monetary values, to understand company impact and identify sustainable opportunities.

A key player and company example effectively using EP&L reports to combat environmental issues is KERING, read more about EP&L on their website:

Curious to know your environmental footprint and make strategic sustainable improvements?

Contact us to learn more, and let’s act together!