Climate Council – Key Takeaways

12 Jul, 2023

Shaping a more sustainable future with the Procurement Climate Council. 

Last week, we joined forces with Valuedesk to host the first edition of the Procurement Climate Council event and it exceeded all expectations!

💡🗫 🌎 This was an incredible opportunity for procurement leaders to connect, share experiences, and inspire one another toward sustainability. The keynote speeches and interactive discussions on pressing sustainable procurement topics were thought-provoking and insightful, thanks to the expertise and passion of our featured speakers!

Key takeaways:

🌱 A ‘just approach’ is crucial to establishing minimum earth safety boundaries for all.

Joyeeta Gupta, Professor of Environment, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam. NWO (Dutch Research Council) Spinoza Prize recipient.

🌿 ESG practices are the compass guiding us forward.

Alexander Heijkamp, Sustainability and CSR Director; Lecturer MBA Nyenrode, Business School Nederland

☁️ Carbon Accounting: estimate and report on your Scope 3 emissions and establish a baseline for a net-zero journey.

Ignite Procurement, Professor of Procurement, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

🤝 Sustainability needs to be holistically integrated with the strategic procurement system (15M)

Gerhard Heß

🟢 Getting started, even in the absence of a perfect plan, is the most critical factor in a company’s journey toward achieving net-zero emissions.

Dirk Jan de With, Sustainability Executive, former CPO Covestro & Unilever VP Procurement and Sustainability

🧠 Smarter & Sustainable Sourcing Decisions

Beroe Inc

📈 While many companies are already prioritizing Sustainability, some have yet to commit to achieving net zero emissions within a specific timeframe.

Sabrina Hueren & Ingo Roßdeutscher

We hope that this event has empowered all participants with valuable insights, meaningful connections, and a renewed commitment to fostering sustainability in procurement. Let’s continue to collaborate, innovate, and take procurement to new heights. 🌎

A big THANK YOU once again to everyone involved. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries and shaping a more sustainable future.

👋We look forward to the 2nd edition of the Procurement Climate Council!

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