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Contract Life-Cycle Management

As part of our “Sourcing Strategy to Contract” Procurement Consulting Services, we provide in-depth Contract Lifecycle Management Consulting covering the full contract lifecycle from pre- to post-signature, for all types of contracts. Through our CLM consultancy, implementation and contract value creation insights, we ensure your organization is able to get the best out of contracts. Our CLM consulting leverages further our unique digital AI-powered contract life-cycle management (CLM) platform. The CLM solution ensures a seamless flow of data during both the pre- and post-signature contract stages. Key to any contract process is the collaboration and alignment between internal stakeholders (procurement, legal, finance, & other stakeholders) and external parties. Our contract life-cycle management approach combined with the best-in-class CLM solution provides the opportunity for your company to optimize your contracts, reduce value leakage, mitigate risks, gain full contract traceability & performance visibility, and accelerate the pace of business. We transform your CLM to a competitive advantage.

Contract Life-Cycle Management Consultancy

There is a significant chance that your organization is critically dependent on your suppliers and supply chain. As a direct consequence, contract life-cycle management has gained prominence in recent years and consistently ranks in the top five most important digital procurement solutions. We have developed a contract life-cycle management program to ensure our clients have access to up-to-date knowledge on the next generation CLM technologies and best practices. Our contract life-cycle management consultancy services are built on in-depth market intelligence, analytical capabilities, digital procurement expertise, and our years of industry experience. We offer specialized programs to help your company maximize value and gain benefits from your present and future contracts. The application of various contractual levers and mechanisms in the four defined contract phases will advance contracting into a value-add process.

  • Pre-award
  • Award
  • Service level agreement management
  • End of the contract lifecycle

We also facilitate our clients with a transformation program that redesigns contract management and supports in the complete roll-out. Aligned with our approach, we transfer our knowledge by closely collaborating with your contracting team, developing their capability and creating tangible value.  Our team of enthusiastic and skilled consultants is ready to support the transformation of your contract life-cycle management approach.  

Contract Life-Cycle Management Program

Our contract life-cycle management program consisting of CLM consultancy and CLM implementation, is set out to optimize your company entire source-to-contract cycle. We conduct an end-to-end thorough organizational analysis and strategic supplier identification to contract management implementation.

The processes of defining the scope of work to a signed contract requires multiple well-designed phases and specific capabilities. If managed ineffectively, the source-to-contract process can become lengthy and not accomplish the set goals. The aforementioned is likely to result in unrealized contract value and benefits for your company. We support your company in the CLM diagnostics, program design, rollout preparation and change management phases and champion the CLM implementation and execution.

We apply a wide variety of analytical tools in order to determine if the internal resources assigned are in balance with the strategic importance of your contracts. The aim of the contract life-cycle management program is to reduce the cycle time of the source-to-contract process whilst improving bottom-line results. The reduced S2C cycle time will further allow your contracting department to focus on the strategic activities and strengthen supplier relations. We notice that our clients direct the gained resources to their efforts to mitigate supply chain risk, accelerate the sustainability agenda, (sub-)supplier aligned corporate objectives, and joint product development initiatives. The final CLM strategy should naturally align with your organization’s overall procurement strategy and company-wide strategic objectives.

“We transform contract management from a time-consuming and paper-filled activity into a strategic value-adding process.”

CLM Consultancy

Pre Go Live Support

The contract life-cycle management program starts by performing a comprehensive contract value diagnosis, including a full organization assessment and CLM gap and maturity analysis. Through our developed diagnostic toolkit, we asses organizational readiness for the CLM solution. Our consults in joint collaboration with your team will interpret the extracted data and generate insights into savings and “bold-move” opportunities. The result of the contract diagnostics and program design phases is the starting point for preparing your contract life-cycle rollout management strategy. We develop an implementation roadmap with the Project Management Office (PMO) and ensure data security before we introduce the CLM solution through business units. Change management is a critical element of any implementation, we, therefore, communicate the roadmap supported by the organization and leadership and set a compelling vision.

Post Go Live Support

Our hypercare phase guides user groups to work with and seamlessly transition to the new system. We support stakeholders from simple questions to complex defect fixes. Our aim is to boost user adoption as quickly and efficient as possible. To enhance contract value creation, the CLM software needs to be well integrated and shared amongst all business units. Through company-wide adoption we transform valuable contracts into high-impact results.

CLM Implementation

The contract life-cycle management program advances from the strategic CLM consultancy to a thorough AI-powered & SaaS-based CLM solution implementation. We are the leading SimpliContract CLM consultancy firm in Europe and can act as your implementation partner for the integration and customization of the CLM platform aligned with your strategic business objectives. Our consultants are certified to tailor the CLM solution and migrate your legacy and present contract data to the platform, to ensure effective software utilization. Furthermore, we perform testing and training sessions to guide the transformation and realize a contract life-cycle management solution that adds tangible value to your organization.

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Strategic Sourcing Opportunities

We work with you to elevate your procurement function through successfully reducing spend, supporting innovation sourcing, and mitigating supply chain risks. Our strategic sourcing program strongly interconnects with the following three related procurement consulting services.

Cost Reduction

Competitive sourcing is a widely accepted procurement process to identify and gain price improvements. Our strategic sourcing program, consists of multiple cost reduction strategies. An important practice is our top supplier convention, which has the potential to reduce annual purchase cost of up to 30% for your organization. We align your top management and the suppliers top management visions and strategies to identify the best sourcing opportunities for your organization.

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CLM as a Service

In contract life-cycle management as a service (CLMS), we partner with our clients to fully operate their contract life-cycle management process and we consider ways in which our technology and expertise can add value. We offer CLMS by managing the full end-to-end contract life-cycle process to improve your business productivity and secure contractual results. CLMS encompasses all processes from pre- to post-signature and includes all stakeholders to form a contract and ensures the legitimate execution. Through Our CLM as a service we transform contract management from a time-consuming and paper-filled process into a strategic value adding activity to support your executive stakeholders.

Contract Insight & Value Creation

Our consultants work with leading CLM software and have the professional expertise required to analyse and enhance how your company manages the entire contract life-cycle. Our in-depth understanding of the various interlinked phases of contract development (pre-signature) and contract life-cycle management (post-signature), will help us translate your contract management needs to an attainable and effective CLM process. In our experience, client organizations have significant potential to improve post-signature value creation. The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and performance parameters that are included in the contract are often not managed correctly or not at all. Organizations struggle with converting contract information into valuable outcome and the lack of contractual oversight often results in value leakage and missed opportunities.

Through the knowledge we build in various industries and categories, we are able to advice which contract clauses, financial implications, and performance parameters should be included. Furthermore, we ensure that the contract utilization is optimized, identifying opportunities, managing the SLAs, creating contract value, and preventing value leakage.

These contract insights will support the full contract lifecycle management and capture improvements for future contracts. Organizations that optimize the post-signature contract management, ensure transactions will adhere to the contract obligations, reduce enterprise risks, and further improve relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Contract Life-Cycle Management Technology Partner – SimpliContract

The Sourcing Champions-SimpliContract partnership brings a unique combination of extensive procurement business knowledge and next generation contract life-cycle management technology development expertise. Our partnership is based on our mutual passion for truly understanding your needs and translating these to gain quick and tangible results. By successfully tailoring the contract life-cycle management solution to your business strategic objectives, we make sure you achieve your full ambition.  

SimpliContract is an AI-powered and SaaS-based contract management platform covering the entire lifecycle from request to renewal, and all types of contracts. Their mission is to democratize contracting and establish powerful contract management practices using the power of Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition). SimpliContract takes contracting from a time-consuming and paper-filled activity to a user-friendly and intelligent business solution. The SimpliContract contract life-cycle management platform gets its power from three core differentiators, a user interface designed on customer feedback, a low code approach, and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. 

Together, we help execute each step of contract formations and our clients benefit from the following: 

  • Sign Contracts Faster
  • Detect Risks Instantly
  • Meet Contractual Obligations
  • Digitize Legacy Contracts
  • Measure Performance

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