We’ve Moved!

27 Jan, 2023

New Office

We’ve moved to a new location!

We are very excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location neighboring the iconic Amstel Hotel, just upstream of the endeared Café Restaurant De Ysbreeker. Admittedly quite near to our old location, our new office grants us even better views of the Amstel river since we are taking on additional stories. More floors also means that we are growing. Our cozy space down the street had started to become a little crowded. More space means more meeting areas, for in-person catch-ups as well as international calls with clients and partners. We even have a dedicated workshop floor where we will soon be hosting knowledge & networking opportunities. Ultimately, more surface area means more commitment and responsibility, which will be fueled by a shiny new espresso coffee machine to celebrate this exciting transition.

As we close the doors of Weesperzijde 24b, we can look forward to all the opportunities just up the road, both figuratively and literally, at our new address of Weesperzijde 4.