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Introducing Sourcing Champions

We are a boutique “next level” procurement consulting firm based out of Amsterdam and Munich. Our mission is to transform Sourcing & Procurement into a real competitive advantage for any organisation. With procurement often being around 70% of the costs of an organisation, it is of significant importance to do it right and get the maximum value out of the supply base.

We are an international multilingual team with a deep-rooted procurement DNA and experience in the end-to-end view of Sourcing & Procurement from  sourcing strategy to contract management. “We bring passion to procurement

We apply strong project management support to ensure an effective transformation, which is deeply customer focussed and hands-on. “We boost

We provide the very best digital technology fully integrated in all our programs, to get the maximum value out of your digitalization roadmap. “We transform

We are value and result driven with strong programs like Category Strategy, Sourcing Innovation, Sustainability and Cost reduction. “We make it happen”

We form long-lasting relationships with our clients to continuously unravel opportunities for innovative growth in both their procurement strategy and delivery. What makes us stand out is our practice to personally invest in your successful project outcome. “We go beyond”

Robert Waalder

I founded Sourcing Champions in 2014, inspired by my previous experience as Vice President Procurement at Philips, where I developed a deep passion for sourcing & procurement. I have 25 years of broad cross-functional leadership experience in high tech dynamic international environments, working and collaborating together with all functions of the organization and its suppliers.

During my years as VP Procurement, I have worked with the top strategy consultancies and learned the best procurement approaches to develop strategies, drive transformations, reduce costs and boost innovations. Now I aim to share this knowledge with our clients and my team of procurement consultants & experts. Together, we champion transformations in global sourcing and procurement organizations by creating the best possible teams & operating models, combined with the best possible AI-driven digital procurement solutions.

From my perspective, the best part of Sourcing Champions is seeing its dynamic development and growth with the help of our team and clients.

Robert J. Waalder
Founder & Owner, Sourcing Champions

“We boost. We transform. We make it happen.”

Meet our team of procurement consultants and strategic experts.

I am a builder and transformer (MBA) with a strong passion for Procurement, and > twenty five years of broad cross-functional leadership experience in high tech dynamic international environments.

Robert Waalder

Founder Owner
After my MSc. in Strategy Economics, I pursued my MBA at Peking University. Gained 2 years of experience in different industries, markets, and countries. This with a strong focus on Asia and Europe. This combination allows me to inspire creativity and drive innovation.

Paulien Hunink

Senior Strategy Consultant
Since completing my dual Master’s in International Management and Innovation I’ve been working as a strategy consultant across various industries. I am an analytical, yet creative and curious individual who enjoys working on projects that redefine strategic priorities and operating models.

Guillermo Filitz

Manager – Strategy Consultant

During my MSc. in Procurement & Supply Management, I focused my research on AI opportunities in negotiations. After, I worked as a Cognitive Procurement Consultant for 4 years at IBM where I combined procurement and technology, gaining experiences in sustainability, business transformation, and process optimization.

Sabrina Hueren

Manager – Strategy Consultant

An accomplished strategic consultant, Aneury has leveraged his procurement expertise across multiple companies in diverse industries. He has implemented unique solutions & procedures that streamlined operations and attained ambitious category management goals. His capabilities are enhanced by a passion for analytics and data modeling.

Aneury Evangelista

Procurement Senior Expert (USA)
With >20 years of international experience in indirect and direct procurement categories, I am focused on implementing compelling procurement and sustainability solutions for organizations including rigorous category management strategies and responsible sourcing programs.

Dennis Swart

Procurement Senior Expert
Holding an MSc in Behavioural Economics, I aspire to integrate my interest in human processes with sustainable strategy & innovation development. Driven by curiosity and purpose I have a knack for project management and dynamic environments.

Vivianne Courte-Rathwell

Strategy Consultant & Marketing Associate
The past 20+ years I’ve managed high performing Procurement teams across EMEA. I’ve led P&L optimization programs, transformations, and negotiations. My aim is to apply my Procurement knowledge and experience to lead transformation to a sustainable future.

Cris Janssen

Procurement Senior Expert
I am an associate Partner of Sourcing Champions for digitalization and owner of Claros consultancy. I am a specialist is P2P, O2C and have more than 20 years of experience as Oracle ERP consultant/specialist.

Bart van der Hout

Associate Partner – Digitalisation
Combining a Finance degree with Technology Management MBA, I enjoy working on strategic international projects underpinned by complex transformation initiatives. I’m energised by supply chain transparency projects that provide strategies and tools to accelerate positive impact on society and on the environment.

Alexandra Delval Faure

Manager – Strategy Consultant
I have long term experience in external and internal communications, with former roles as the Head of Communications in the Dutch Airline Transavia and as a Communication consultant at KLM. I lead the scale up marketing and communication activities at Sourcing Champions.

Christina van Rooij

Marketing & Communications
I have 18 years of experience as a contract lawyer and contract manager, I am a certified project manager and an experienced consultant in public and private procurement working with diplomatic and private entities globally.

Roberto Cioni

Public Procurement and Contract Management Expert
Utilizing a background in digital media & marketing, with significant experience in finance & sales, I have the expertise to guide organizations in adopting a sales-focused approach. As a highly motivated senior consultant, I act as a facilitator for Sourcing Champions, infusing it with an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve success

Wout Jansen

Business Development
With a BSc in Int. Business Administration and a specialization in Data Analytics from Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam, I’m excited to develop as a consultant. My passion for tech and impact drives me to catalyze business transformation through data-driven insights and strategic planning.

Yana Danielyan

Business Analyst

Helena Suarez

Junior Strategy Consultant
As a third-year computer science student at TU Delft University, my commitment lies in process optimization and harnessing technology for valuable insights. I craft data-driven solutions, with a vision to revolutionize the future of procurement.

Mihai Apolzan

Intern – Data Analyst
Our team of independent procurement experts give direct support to your organization to develop high-end strategies and make your business future-proof.

Team of Experts

Leaders in their fields

Meet our advisory board.

Sourcing Champion’s advisory board is composed of distinguished leaders from business and academia. Our leadership works closely with board members to strengthen Sourcing Champions’ programs and capabilities. The entire team benefits from their ideas, knowledge and advice.

Dr. Hess is an expert in systematic optimization of strategic purchasing. His notable focus on a holistic, sustainable and agile approach in purchasing & supplier strategies led him to develop the 15M architecture.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hess

Expert in Strategic Purchasing & Founder of 15M


“Sourcing Champions has been our partner in the procurement transformation journey, building a global procurement organization, and driving our competitiveness program. The suppliers were impressed with our strategic alignment approach, the procurement team truly proud, and the results exceeded our expectations.”

Yves Serre, VP Procurement, Thales


Sourcing & Procurement.

Sustainable Procurement Pledge

Sourcing Champions recognizes that procurement is a multifaceted profession, the advancement of sustainable procurement as a key priority is a prime example. Therefore, Sourcing Champions has committed to the Sustainable Procurement Pledge and lives the values by embedding sustainable procurement practices into our programs. We work with our clients to establish impactful responsible sourcing strategies and objectives, then further identify the relevant procurement sustainability themes in their specific categories and industries.

Our sustainable procurement program follows a sequential-step approach to analyze environmental footprints, set science-based targets and define and align sustainable strategies with procurement practices in order transform business operations in responsible solutions.

Read more about our sustainability program.

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To tackle our own environmental footprint Sourcing Champions offsets and reduces its own emissions through the environmental project of Ecologi.